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    Default Help, my crested is having seizures

    Ok, it started 4 days ago. I came home from work and my female crested gecko was screaching and throwing herself around her enclosure. I mean really twirling uncontrolably. Her mouth was filled with eco earth coco fiber. This went on periodically through the night and the next day. I flushed out her mouth and gave her a warm bath.
    I brought her to the vet and the Dr. thought it was neurological. Possibly having a calcium crash. (I normally feed her CGD mixed with mango baby food daily. & 1 dusted Cricket every other day).
    I was given some IV fluid to manually feed her over the next 5 days. The next day she was practically lifeless, with moss and her cgd stuck to her body.
    She was not able to move much. Her legs and tail were shaking.
    Has anyone ever seen of this before? Does it sound like a calcium crash?
    Any advice?
    So far I have forced some calcium into her, she is definitly looking better, but I'm not sure if its going to come back. She hasn't had a seizure since the night of the Dr. visit.
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    Seizures and shaking sound like MBD to me, but you appear to be feeding her a diet that has a balanced calciumhosphorous ratio. She may be unable to metabolize calcium as well as others of her species, though, in which case the liquid calcium should help. Just guessing here, though, as I am not a vet myself. You may want to seek the opinion of another reptile vet, if you are unsure of the first vet's diagnosis.

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    Well, I don't have liquid calcium. I made a paste out of the powdered calcium, and used the syringe to force it down her throat. It was all I could do in a pinch. I don't know what else to do as far as giving her different foods. She started pooping yesterday, it had calcium in it. She's shedding today. I haven't seen her shed in several months. She hasn't touched th cgd, I'm still a bit worried, but I can't afford to bring her in for tests.
    I am surprised that her tail didn't drop, with all the stress she has been under. Or does it take time for that to happen?

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    updade on the seizures: Hasn't had one since the Drs. visit, She is leaping after crickets now, she seems to be better...tail never dropped. I am back to the cgd daily, and I've added a small amount of calcium to it.

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