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    Continuous egg laying?

    It’s been almost a year of having a clutch every couple months. I wasn’t sure if it was normal
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    Continuous egg laying?

    Hello. I have a female crested gecko that I have had since she was about two months old. This year she turned 6. I have noticed for the past 8-10 months she has been laying eggs. This is a new behavior for her. She has never been around males so they are definitely dud eggs. My concern is the...
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    Bubbles behind front legs?

    I have a 10 month old male leopard gecko. I noticed a little over a month ago he had two bubble like lumps, one behind each front leg. The bumps are very soft and don’t appear to cause him pain. I had read it could mean I was over supplementing so I decreased his supplements from every feeding...
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    Help! Cricket mites???

    No wings and smaller than a fruit fly. The crickets are small but not babies by any means so I suppose they could be babies. They were REALLY small and the black ones were perfectly round. Are there any signs to look for in regards to mites just in case?
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    Help! Cricket mites???

    I bought a small box of 20 crickets today for my leopard gecko. I tossed all of the crickets into a small 10 gallon tank then placed my gecko inside to see how he would do but he’s partially blind and had trouble seeing them. Instead I picked them up to prong feed. One of the crickets was...
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    Stressed or Inquisitive?

    My gecko is a 5 year old female and I am trying to decide if she was stressed or just really curious during handling tonight. Let me preface by saying she is usually a very quiet gecko as well as very social and tolerant. When I took her out tonight she didn’t run from me but did give one loud...
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    Supplementation Questions

    I am new to leo keeping and am finding A LOT of conflicting information about vitamin supplementation. One site said dust with calcium every feeding and add a multivitamin twice a week while other have said that a multivitamin like Reptivite is all you need when dusted daily. I guess my question...
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    Blindness in leopard gecko?

    As far as I can tell my guy is a super hypo with a slight carrot tail (though the orange is spreading down as he is getting older now). He definitely isn’t blind as he can perceive movement but I think he can’t see in detail. Thanks for the info.
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    Blindness in leopard gecko?

    My gecko is a 5-6 month old male and recently I have noticed some odd behaviors that make me believe he can’t see well. If tong fed he often misses the food even if I hold very still. Similarly if I get the “small” mealworms instead of the large he can’t seem to find them in the bowl even if...
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    Sudden behavior change in gecko?

    Ok I might have to look around and see if I can find an underneath heater that can accomplish that. Since it’s bioactive the substrate is pretty thick to allow plant growth. I might have to keep some kind of over head heater. I’ve noticed that if I mist right before the light goes off that...
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    Sudden behavior change in gecko?

    Oh wow that’s cooler than I would have thought. Do you happen to know what you keep your ground temperature at? Sorry to be nosey I just want to be the best keeper I can for my little guy.
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    Sudden behavior change in gecko?

    I’ll definitely watch for dehydration. He had a nice big poo with plenty of hydration just yesterday. He doesn’t often come out when the light is on but I have found him enjoying the warmth of the basking rock right after the lights turned off. I have a different bulb that only reaches 87 would...