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    Oh dear the poor gecko. I hope you found him OK. The only thing I could think of is putting out some of his favourite foods and a hide to retreat to.
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    It's Nice to be Back

    Nice looking gecko!
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    Hello I'd leave them alone for at least a week to give the new skin time to harden and for the millipedes time to rest.
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    My first clutch of eggs

    Awesome looking geckos you have. Awesome looking geckos you have there. Mum and dad to be. Hoping it all goes well.
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    My first clutch of eggs

    Awesome stuff OctobersDusk. Seems like you have two amazing geckos. I your excitement. As Aliza says keep us posted and pictures would be brilliant.
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    Visit to Animal Zone UK

    Me and Tammi went to visit Animal Zone, Rodbaston, Staffordshire, UK on Sunday. Our son goes to College there and loves it. They have a good selection of reptiles that I took some pictures of and I thought I'd share. The dwarf gecko is so cute. We had a great day.
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    Calci dust or not Calci dust?

    Hi Aliza that's a good idea. I am a parent and fortunately my line of work taught me how to be a good parent and trial and error is a part of parenting as you say. I kinda do this with my pets too but occasionally I get hit with a curve ball and panic. I don't really know why as Carrot is...
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    Calci dust or not Calci dust?

    Hi Aliza How are you doing? I love keeping my leopard gecko but why oh why is there so much conflicting husbandry practice? Well in you I trust so I'll follow your advice. I'm going to use just the Nutrobal from now on. I thank you do much Aliza. You are the backbone and oracle of...
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    Calci dust or not Calci dust?

    Hello all I have a question about supplements for Carrot my Leopard gecko. The breeder told me that I should use Calci dust and Nutrobal as supplements on alternative days and have a few days of nothing. I've been doing this for two years. I have nearly run out of both so I went to my local...
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    How did you find

    Hi Thomastort Whats the TFO?
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    Member Pics, give them up!!!

    This is me minus Carrot
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    New Leo owner here!

    Welcome CuvirroDaevo This is a great place to be. You should also checkout There's a ton of info on all aspects of successfully keeping leopard geckos here. Search though the forums here and ask questions and you'll be fine.
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    Can we appreciate this commission?

    Very cool
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    Carrot chilling out

    My gecko is 2 years and 3 months and weighs 113g. He is healthy and doesn't look overweight, is this a healthy weight?
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    Carrot chilling out

    It's a hard life being a leopard gecko