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    ID This Spider?

    Never even heard of it LOL
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    ID This Spider?

    pet spider xD
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    My fish tanks - Not sure I ever shared these

    What boyfriends? And about the cories swimming upsidedown and eating I used to have 2 plecos that used to do that... I miss them. My cory is getting used to me( had 2 but one died the night I got it and this one is doing really well). I know they are schooling so I plan on getting more( and all...
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    My fish tanks - Not sure I ever shared these

    And clown loaches grow big
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    My only furry one

    How much do they usually cost? I've wanted them for a while
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    The Least of my worries.

    Hillstream loaches? Me die of extreme jealousy. I want one or 2 or 3 hehe but since they prefer cooler temps compared to my fish... I can't have anymore fishy tanks too. Life sucks but at least I have one!( my optimism)
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    LOL Nice tank! My gecko used to look at my aquarium until I moved his tank.
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    Baby Chipmunk:

    Yea that would be the best idea since they know what to do( I expect that they do).
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    Baby Chipmunk:

    If I were you I'd give it to an animal wildlife centre if you can. I don't think it would eat the sugarglider food... How about some unroasted, unsalted nuts? Dunno but that is my guess of what they might eat.
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    Meet Sol

    Of course seperate! Water can spread the diseases too I assume. xD
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    Meet Sol

    tank dividers work right? What you feedin Sol right now? BS?
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    Meet Sol

    What does this anti parasitic food do? I'm asssuming it prevents parasites or kills them? So if I get a betta should I feed it so when I put it in the tank with other fish it wont spread the disease( if they have parasites)?
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    My English bulldogs.

    Ya the underbites make them look cuter. 'Don't mess with me! Grr'
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    In this thread contains the fitting finally to explain the power turns over

    LOL Those translations are so understandable.