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    Huge NS Incubator.

    Bump!! Working on getting this to the Taylor, MI show this Saturday!! Make me an offer!!
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    Two(2) New in the box ANIMAL PLASTICS RACKS

    Bump Going to try to get these to the Taylor show this Saturday!! Make an offer.
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    Huge NS Incubator.

    ONE(1) HUGE NATURE SPIRIT INCUBATOR w/o stat, price brand new is $650, send email to [email protected] to make an offer. This is not the normal sized one, this is the oversized custom one that Casey started making.
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    Two(2) New in the box ANIMAL PLASTICS RACKS

    FOR PICK UP ONLY!! Grand Blanc, MI, just south of Flint. FOR SALE!! Two(2) New in the box ANIMAL PLASTICS RACKS: 1851(13) 39 tub black, Belly Heat (cable). Normally priced at $515 each through AP. Send email with offer to [email protected]
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    nasty iguana need to tame quick

    Haven't we had this conversation before? Haven't any of you guys/gals learned yet that we put way too much human emotion into our reptiles? When someone is heartless or uncaring we call them "coldblooded" for a reason don't we?
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    Digging Fun

    Now those are some cute pics!! :)
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    My little crestie is here!!! :)

    Awww They are just adorable, congrats!
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    Does anyone know how...

    I've never had a cat that was indoor and outdoor. Just felt once they were inside they were safer inside.
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    Stop Forum Trolling Trolls!

    The 1% you speak of will not stick around long, they will find themselves outcasts and will look for other venues for their trolling.... Take it with a grain of salt and don't pay them any mind as much as it gets under my skin as well, I know the best thing is to give them enough rope if you...
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    Some one got a box today!

    See that's not nice..... you're teasing without posting pics!! :P Congrats!!
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    Florida FROZEN+ Non Native Reptiles= ???

    In Dec of '80 & '89 Miami was covered in a sheet of ice and it snowed in Orlando in '72. :main_thumbsup:
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    creamic heat emitter for ball python

    I agree, ditch the heat emitter. Seems to me the change in behavor that your ball is exibiting, he maybe stressed and dehydrated.
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    Red Phase female...

    Venomous? Yes and no.... She's a rear fanged Western Plains Hognose, venomous but not deadly (usually) to humans, but can (not usually) cause some minor to major issues if bit with the rear fangs. Gregg as always she's a real beauty!!!
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    I love it!!! No better way to get kids into the classics!!! :main_thumbsup:
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    A couple of nice balls!!!

    Of Course!!! ;) Produced by Rusty Balls!!