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    Newbie...need help

    Hi, we are also relatively new owners of geckos. Just so you know for next time, ours seem to shed roughly every 6 weeks or so, I don’t know if this slows down as they get older. You can usually tell they’re about to shed as they’re colouring goes dull or pale and their skin looks lose around...
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    Appetite question

    Hi, I hope this is the right board to post this on. We have two female leopard geckos, they hatched last summer. Sherbet is a good size with a decent fat tail, she eats mealworms and waxworms and will eat every day, she poos every 3 days (ish) and has shed once since we’ve had her (approx 2...
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    Hi, new here

    Hi all, we are new gecko parents to girls Echo and Sherbet, hatched last summer. They’re leopard gecko’s and been with us for about 2 months. I’ve joined on here because we’re having a few worries about Echo - I’m guessing I need to ask questions on a different thread so will head over to the...