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    Who's right

    I know, it can be very hard and the right answer is, probably no one person is right. Ron Tremper, probably the best known breeder of leopard geckos co wrote a book that says you can have your leos on sand and lists a few species of other lizard that you can house with your leopard gecko. Ask...
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    Caption This

    "relax baby we're all alone! You're just seeing things, nobody has a camera pointed in this direction, now come closer and let me give you a sensual back rub..."
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    What is this baby =) (pet store pickup)

    My super hypo tangerine carrot tail looked just like that as a baby, she had pretty much the same markings, but only time will tell! Also, its very young and i dont think its all that thin, most hatchlings look pretty skinny.
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    Caption This

    oh im too late, i was gonna say, "this is NOT what it looks like......."
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    Crested geckos? morph? breeders?

    There is also a rhac gecko section in this very forum that you can post this question and probably get a better response. There are some crested breeders who comment in that part often.
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    box turtles

    You can keep them outside ALL of the year, i know someone who does this. Or you can bring them in. If youre going to bring it in for the winter months id do it in early to mid fall time, i dont know much about the climate of your state though.
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    meal replacement powder

    some people will mix it with baby food from what i have heard on here, i dont do that myself.
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    Doin the dirrrty =]]

    Thats good to see, i hope fat tails get more popular.
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    Caption This

    They were all really good but this one was just so clever ill have to pick it!
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    It's Snowing in the jungle! Here the Bells play!

    Haha, im sorry, i dont know HOW i missed you said their names in your first post! Well i think they look great, and might i add, such fat tails at such a young age!
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    I have been wondering...

    I think its easy that a lot of people say, "i can do that!" Then they come to a site like this and see all the great morphs and projects and say, "that will be me in a month!" And they just don't sit down and realize what they are getting into. It just seems really cool to say, "ya, im a...
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    A few eye pics

    Those RAPTOr eye pics always amaze me when i see them.
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    It's Snowing in the jungle! Here the Bells play!

    Did you name them yet? If so, will you be using any music oriented names??
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    Random pics of my leos DUW!!!!

    I like the solid colors the of blizzards. You have some good pictures!
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    It's Snowing in the jungle! Here the Bells play!

    I do see the notes, thats awesome!