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  • Since this is my first year with the fat tails, I don't know when they become sexually mature. I just shipped a pair of SW banded geckos to someone where the male was only about 3 months old and when I put the female with him before shipping to acclimate them, he actually tried to mate with her. So the short answer is "I don't know" . I think to be safe you'd really have to have a separate set-up for them. One could go in a 5 gallon, and at this size, you could actually divide a 10 gallon for awhile with plexiglass (put the heater in the middle) and keep each on a side.

    I keep looking at the ones I still have and I'm pretty sure they're all female, but if you do buy one and I was wrong, I'll swap.
    Thank you. The other babies are getting bigger and definitely look female. The youngest one (which I didn't bring to the show in Oct.) is much darker than the others which are as light as yours. I'm going to the White Plains show in a few weeks and will bring the 3 of them. I'm looking forward to next season with the AFT's because I have a second, younger female to breed and she has the nice copper color that the male does.
    I find that when they get to a certain size, they poop less often. My AFT's are a bit younger but I don't think everyone is pooping every day. Many of my leopard geckos that are now a few months old are pooping less. I just switched my AFT's from tiny crickets to 1/2" crickets and they are doing well with them.
    He is very light, almost white in the picture. My others are getting very light also. I can't figure out why, since the parents are pretty dark. It will be interesting to see what happens as they mature.
    That is truly amazing that it's a male. The others are a bit younger but still look female. I'll keep checking. I expect that I will have sold the 3 fatties I have by next spring (if you want one now, I still have 3) but you never know.
    Wow! Are you sure? I incubated these guys at the very lowest reasonable temperature for fat tails, 82.5. I just checked the other 3 fat tails and, though they are a bit bulgy, they have no preanal pores and are definitely female. Last Feb. I bought a fat tail juvenile (over 6 months) from a pet store and none of us was entirely sure that it was female, which was what I was looking for, because she was a bit bulgy. I took the chance and bought her and she is definitely female. If you're really sure it's a male and want to do this, I'd be happy to switch with you.
    Usually if they eat too much they throw some up and then they learn their lesson, so I think she'll be fine, but if you feel more comfortable limiting her (15 is plenty) that will work too. It's amazing to think that when she was little I worried because she wasn't eating enough.
    Feed her as many as she'll eat. The other two ate some mealworms last week when I was out of crickets but it didn't last.
    It's great to hear that your new AFT is having such a good life. The ones I have left are getting lighter and lighter with more orange. What did you name her?

    I just got small crickets from the pet store. They were probably about 1/4" and sometimes less. It's amazing she'll eat worms.

    I suggest feeding her till she's full. I think when she was in with the other two, she was eating about 4-5 small crickets. I'm glad she's doing well and that you're on this forum which I really like.

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