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    Does anyone know how to properly ship, package, and sell pacman frogs? I have a pacman that i can no longer care for and i might sell it on a forum. If anyone can tell me how to ship with a guarantee that it will be alive, that would be nice.
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    Being Ignored?

    I realize that people have their own things to do, but sometimes i will check to see if i got any replies then suddenly a bunch of threads passed over mine and mine goes into the pit of invigoration. Also, on some other forums i have been on, i am almost getting constant feedback.
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    Being Ignored?

    Hey guys, i recently joined this forum and i feel like my posts are getting ignored. First i would post a new thread. Then after about ten hours i would get some replies, the i would reply, then no one replies. It kinda of bums me out and I feel like joining a different forum.