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  • Thanks for the compliment and there will be an update on the available page and on the breeder page so keep looking and you will see some more amazing geckos.
    Hey! I was just looking through the classifieds and I saw your available page. Unfortunately I am not in the market for anymore geckos right now, but I wanted to compliment you on your stripes and the giant. They are all beautiful! The male lavendar stripe and the Giant you have are amazing! Good luck this breeding season and take care!
    Ken that sound great,shoot me some baby pics when you get some from her and a pic of her if you don't mind.(just want to see what she looks like as she was killer as a youngster).
    Daidra the Emerine I got from you, who I have named Tigerlily, is at 40g. She'll be ready to breed soon. I don't do it right at 50g, it'll be at about 55g. I'm still working at fattening her tail up somemore.
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