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    Very very cool! They have a few that run freely here at the Plant World! Lovin the green!
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    Buying first...well no 3rd Corn snake

    :main_no::p Get something gray!!! A pewter!!
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    Mites/tick on My Boa

    Prevent a mite, possibly new tank, def new substrate, treat it first with prevent a mite, follow up in 2 weeks. Soak again before put in new tub..
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    My first GTP

    Getting bit is the initiation lol, nice!
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    I got an egg case of 400 eggs for 10 bux at a local nursery
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    My Tiger update

    Diggin it, nice!
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    Interesting Read.
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    Can I keep 2 young corns together?

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    Green Tree Pythons

    I sure am going to Daytona :)
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    Green Tree Pythons

    She will appreciate the comment for sure!! You have to soOoOo get one!!!
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    Green Tree Pythons

    My next one I'll buy will be a mite-phase or other high-end, living art at it's finest!!!!! Gossshh I love herps :).. I know my baby isn't as spectacular as those in the magazine, but check her out in my thread in this forum :)
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    Green Tree Pythons

    You can hold em, some are evenly tempered and some you just dont wanna touch lol... Definitely get "the more complete chondro" by Greg Maxwell I believe is the most informative. I've only been keeping them for about 7 months but WOW! They are so so so cool, I love them. Some good...
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    GTP sorong maybe?

    Here's a few pics from last night..She was very active :) Thanks again for looking :)
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    some new pics from cleaning day of star and amber

    Nice python and pine cones ! :)