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    I've got a ten gallon tank that I recently refurnished. Natural colored stones, one large piece of driftwood, and large orange rock. Currently it's housing a male betta, 2 pygmy corydoras, a honey gourami, and a dwarf gourami. The betta displayed some territorial behavior at first, flaring...
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    My new Kenyan Sand boas!

    I'd really love to eventually get a kenyan. Small, not too fast, and pretty low maintenance.
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    It really upsets me when people talk about hurting hamsters..

    Hamsters are not nutritionally good for a snake to eat. Rats and mice are better, and yes a lot of people feed frozen/thawed you have to kill the mice/rats in order to freeze them, you can't use ones that died of natural causes. Snakes eat animals alive in the wild, as do thousands of other...
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    I bought a new betta at Walmart. I have a question

    My betta is a 10gallon with a filter and heater. There's a few pygmy corydoras in there too and he pretty much ignores them. I feed Hikari for the betta and sinking bottom feeder food for the corys. It's been working for me.
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    Our Spiny new adoption

    Hedgies are great. I had one named Amelia when I was little.
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    My Rat setup

    How often do they get out for free range time? They are super intelligent and need lots of stimulation. I also recommend putting in a hide for them to sleep in, even just an empty tissue box will work. I had 3 and they were amazing. No one could ever replace Jacy, my little alpha girl. She...
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    Who says Friday the 13th is bad luck???

    The facial expression is priceless!
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    my hoggies! New baby girl!

    Adorable. There's one at my local pet shop that I would so take home if I could.
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    Bear Market in Boas: Proposed Laws Strangle Sales of Mutant Snakes

    I just don't like how they're using the term "mutant". Yes, it's a mutation that causes the coloration but it makes them sound like freaks. When I hear "mutant snakes" I think of two headed ones and such.
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    quesion about Dumbo rat.

    Any kind of rat can go together, fancy, dumbo, rex, or hairless. However, there is a process you have to go through to introduce rats safely. Keep the new rat in quarantine for at least a week once you get it. Then put the cages close enough that the rats can see and smell each other but not...
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    any ideas of nice fish for my unheated tank

    How big is your tank?
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    help with bettas / fighting fish

    Bettas should have temperatures in the high 70s.
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    1.5 Gal

    I've heard different things about what bettas need. But he was a happy little guy, pretty active, built me lots of nests. Ate well. I've had apple snails and they breed like crazy. Not fun. They end up everywhere.
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    1.5 Gal

    The heater is fully adjustable and pretty small. Caused no problems with my betta.
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    Fido pics!

    He is adorable!