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    proven extreme harley female

    Apple is up for sale. She's a proven (2 years) female extreme harley. She eats all diets and LOVES bugs. Around 43 grams right now, and hasn't laid a clutch sine July. First two shots are her unfired, last two are her slightly fired after 15 mins in a wet deli cup. Other pics are her fired up in...
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    Question about my crestie Sandile

    Head size and structure is something that differs in the individual gecko. If his parents had poor head structure, typically their offspring will as well. Many breeders based projects simply on head structure and crest size. There is also a debate as to whether or not longer or shorter...
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    Crested Temps?

    I would definitely try keeping your temps above 70 degrees if you'd like breeding to occur. The colder the temps, the slower they metabolize, and they are less likely to breed. I keep my apartment at 75-78 all year, so you could try adding a low wattage red heat bulb over their tank to bump up...
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    100% pinstripes, 150 + shipping!

    I have available 5 100% pinners. These guys are eating CGD and are ready to go. Around 2-3 grams each and all are unsexed. PM me with any questions. No trades at this time. 150 + shipping each Kiwi Monicotti x Panchetta Dragon fruit Monicotti x Panchetta Parsley CDBB x...
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    Female for adoption, just pay shipping!

    I acquired this female (along with many other critters) from a friend who had to undergo major surgery. She came in skinnier and with swollen legs (probably from calcium deficiency), but has now gained lots of weight and her legs look much better. This is for a pet only home, she is sweet and...
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    Nice Pinstripes! 100 + shipping each!

    SALE! 100 + shipping each!! This week only! Selling off the last 2011 babies I have. These guys are all guaranteed healthy and eating CGD. All are also currently eating crickets and dubia. Unsexed unless otherwise noted. Full TOS on my website. . PM me for more information/reasonable offers. I...
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    Pinstripe Babies!

    I have many pinstripe cresteds available. All are guaranteed healthy and most are pounding down crickets. Chino Orange Pinner Unsexed 3 grams 90$ SC1 Dark 95% Pinstripe Unsexed 3 grams 130$ SC2 Yellow Pinstripe, nice white portholes Unsexed 3 grams 120$ MS2 90-95%...
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    2013 Breeders

    Spot of All Trades, Female Spotily Ever After, possible female Spot in Socks, possible female Chipotle, Female Fusion, probable female Raya, male Sun Spot, possible male Pidge, probable female, from Dragontown's Neon Line Hot Spot, probable female...
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    While CGD should be their main diet, supplementing with insects will make them grow faster. I give crickets/dubia to my colony twice a week. When I start off introducing insects, I use crickets. Some babies take a while to warm up to insects and won't eat off tongs. Dubias always bury...
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    Bold Stripe Female

    Female bold stripe leopard gecko up for sale. Beautiful bold markings and a big yellow stripe. Very lightly colored, possible Mack snow (cannot guarantee as I don't know her genetics) Sweet temperament and eating dusted dubias/crickets like crazy. Currently 40 grams. 65$ + shipping
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    My First Reptile Show

    Great pictures! The green lizards your asking about look like green basilisks.
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    Two Mainlands

    Thanks! I see your in canada. I purchased my female Mainland from Northern gecko. I highly recommend them when your looking for your chewie.
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    Buying females?

    Bulges are not the earliest signs of a "male" crested gecko. The most definite sign earlier on is the presence of pores underneath the gecko, near the vent. Some males won't develop noticeable bulges until 20 grams. I tend to see the pores develop anywhere from 5 - 12 grams. After 12 grams, I...
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    Crested Geckos FS #2

    I am having some warmer days for shipping and can ship to certain locations. Otherwise, animals can be held for warmer weather. Here are some available animals for local pickup or to be held with a 50% non refundable deposit. Full terms are on my website. They are all guaranteed healthy and...