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    Kristi123 / Ghoulish Geckos

    I just completed a trade deal with Kristi from Ghoulish Geckos, and couldn't be happier! Even with issues at the hub and some up-and-down shipping weather, everything went perfectly. Highly recommend Ghoulish Geckos if you're looking for quality leopard geckos! --Angela Smith--
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    Rest Well Hydra

    Unless you emigrated from Thailand... 2-Headed, 6-Legged Baby Gecko Found In Thailand (VIDEO)
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    John at Geckoboa is awesome! My experience is/was the same as yours... great communication, careful packaging, and stellar animals.
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    Mike & Amanda Webb of The Pet Gecko

    Bella was euthanized by my veterinarian and sent off for a necropsy in an attempt to meet the Webb's request for proof of infection beyond the first test through Avian. I know the screenshots are a long read, but it's all in there. As for my other animals, I'm dealing with that, too. I am on...
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    Mike & Amanda Webb of The Pet Gecko

    Thank you Thad for posting this. I am the OP in the linked thread, and I had intended to post it here yesterday. This was an unfortunate situation from the beginning, and I am sorry to see it take this particular turn. If nothing else, it underscores a very important point: Know who you're...
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    Green is the new red this valentines!

    Oh wow! I'd be over the moon. Very cool!!!
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    Here's one of mine I caught hatching: And here it is the next day (on the left), with its freshly-hatched clutchmate (right):
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    Help! Need tree frog ID and care suggestions!

    ID found... Hyla squirella, Squirrel Treefrog.
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    Help! Need tree frog ID and care suggestions!

    I've been considering getting a tree frog for a little while, but my timeline was moved up today when I saw one on craigslist that looked like it needed a good home, and quickly. The poor thing was in a 12"x12"x18" exoterra with only a moss mat, a corner bowl, one mopani wood piece and a HEAT...
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    Geckos etc??

    I've purchased three geckos so far from Steve Sykes at GeckosEtc. When you call the number on their site, it's actually him answering the phone, not just "random employee #2" or whoever (or at least that's been my experience). His customer service skills are great. His geckos are healthy and...