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    Baby Mediterranean Geckos

    These guys are all over my house this year. Did a small photoshoot with one a few nights ago. JaredDavidsonPhotography: Baby Mediterranean Gecko
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    Unusual unknown spider

    Found this spider this weekend. Not sure what kind it is. Had a very unique pattern. JaredDavidsonPhotography: Unusual spider
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    Texas Ratsnake climbing a tree.

    Caught this guy outside Austin Texas. Got this video of him climbing a tree. JaredDavidsonPhotography: Texas Ratsnake climbing a tree.
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    Two Water Moccasins fighting

    This is a video I took several years ago. I posted it awhile ago as well but for any new people who haven't seen it, here it is. It's two male Water Moccasin's fighting over a female, I filmed them in the Austin area doing Memorial Weekend something like 4 years ago. One of my favorite...
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    White Crab spider

    This is my favorite spider photograph I have taken. Its a White Crab Spider on a purple flower. JaredDavidsonPhotography: White Crabspider on a Purple Flower
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    Anchor Worm parasites

    The minnows and one koi in my dad ponds looked funny a few weeks ago. I notices what appeared to be feathers growing out of their skin. I removed one of the minnows and did some research and found that our pond has been infested with Anchor Worms. These are a parasitic animal that attach to...
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    Baby snake in an acorn

    I found this baby snake in an acorn a few weeks back in my yard. It was kind of neat to see such a small snake and see it hiding in an acorn.
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    Orb Weaver spider

    These are some photographs I took of an orb weaver spider. These spiders are about the size of a silver dollar. They have extremely large fangs for there size.
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    Two Water Moccasins fighting

    I found these two Water Moccasins Fighting in a creek in Austin. I was able to film them for awhile and they never noticed a was around. It was a pretty thing to witness first hand.
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    Amazing sunsets

    These are some really pretty sunset photographs I took. I used my HTC Evo for some since I didnt have my camera with me. The others were with a Canon Rebel t3i. The bright orange ones are vergo, where the rain never hits the ground but evaporates before it makes it to the ground...
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    Some other macro photos

    I just got my macro lens a week ago and dont have the flash yet, so these pictures are not the quality I really want, but they are pretty cool either way.
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    Macro photos of a gecko

    Got my new MP-E 65mm 2.8 lens and decided to test it out. Caught this gecko and did a short photo shoot ebfore releasing him. Check out the pictures.