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    You win some, you lose I lose big time!

    Cool pic! Seven eggs?
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    Irian Jaya Carpets (M. s. variegata)

    I had a nice pair of sub adults but sold them recently. They're very easy to handle and more curious than ball pythons, and quite beautiful.
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    I'm back :p

    Looks like a pastel to me too, as mentioned with the light head area. If you're back in the Tampa area, there's a show in a month that someone can sex it for you and perhaps a morph confirmation in person.
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    Ryuu's big adventure

    Haha! Cute :)
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    I'm in love......

    Very nice Russ, congrats. And Happy Birthday too :)
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    bearded dragon set up questions

    MVB's in general are good bulbs, however, be sure your dragon is a safe distance from it. Follow manufacturer guidelines. Burns can result if any animal gets too close to them to bask.
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    My little beardie family :-)

    Beauties! I love the name "Dolly", it was my grandmother's name :)
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    From NPR: Andrew Wyatt, Wayne Pacelle, Zuzana Kukol, and Tim Harrison

    Thanks for posting the link, Justin. I listened to it this morning.......... the one good feeling I have from it is that exotic pet owners are a force to be reckoned with.
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    A trip to the vet: parasite, baths, and food

    My dragon will skip a day of eating sometimes, maybe one in a two week period. She never came close to eating 50 crickets a day, even as a baby. Some days she doesn't want any bugs but just veggies. Other days she goes crazy for bugs and not much into veggies. I bathe her weekly but always...
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    Ryuu being a bit of a diva

    Lacey waits at her dish if she thinks I should have given her greens an hour ago......... Great pics Whitney :) She's a cutie.
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    So sorry to hear this :(
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    Snake updates

    She looks great after her adventures :) Glad everything worked out for you.
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    Snake trap

    I've never tried any kind of trap for a herp on the loose, it just looked interesting in case someone was desperate.
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    Snake trap

    Sometimes a snake escapes. It unfortunately happens, but here's a nifty thing I saw online that may help someone find a small snake on the loose........
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    Is eating mealworm beetles bad???

    Superworm beetles are the bitter ones. My dragon loves mealworm pupae and the occasional beetle. I've never seen any nutritional info on either and only offer as a treat when there is excess.