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  • Hi. Yeah, best thing you can do is keep her eating
    to keep pace with the egg weight loss.
    I've got to go get some appetite stimulant
    for 2 of mine. Just haven't been
    able to get them started back eating
    Take care. HJ
    Yes there is try waxworms, there the MacDonald of the reptile world, all reptiles go crazy for them and there high in fat, Perfect when it comes to That kinda stuff!
    Hey thanks back at you.....
    I do have strong interests in the snows.
    I'm mainly a hobbyist
    with about 25 geckos.
    Like to test stuff and observe geckos.
    Plus a little breeding.
    I'm going through the weight loss
    thing on a couple now too, after laying.
    Take care. HJ
    Hey, if you need any help with your geckos or questions let me know, if you have a messenger you can add me. have a great day!
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