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    brumating bearded dragon. what are the signs

    My dragon is doing same thing except he is still eating, so I'm not sure if he is wanting to brumate or just being lazy. He doesn't get out of bed even if he is awake; he will only bask for an hour or so after eating; and if I put him up on his branch in the afternoon, he'll jump right down...
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    Blood in Stool

    I'm sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Spiky :(
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    Babies, babies, everywhere! Update!

    Aww, babies are so cute! Congrats!
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    Dubias for dragon

    Silkworms, hornworms, superworms, or other types of roaches can be used. I personally liked using lateralis and silks. Mealworms are hard to digest, a lot of people say never feed them to your dragon.
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    Dubias for dragon

    Variety is always best, but a well established dubia colony can surely support one young dragon. I suppose if you can provide ~50 nymphs per day, it'll be fine. They'll eat less bugs and more greens when they grow.
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    An Amazing Monsoon

    Nice to know that Monsoon don't have to wander the streets and have a loving family to care for him now! Yea let's see some pics!!
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    Bearded dragons favorite greens..

    My dragon likes Choi Sum (a type of Asian green). He will not eat anything that is not green in color, so no favourite fruit or vegetables. I tried chayote, butternut squash, papaya, watermelon, apples, carrots...etc, he just won't touch any of them. He also doesn't like dandelion and endive...
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    UVB lighting???

    In the meantime before you can get a proper UVB bulb, you can take the dragon outside for some natural sunlight. :)
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    Two short videos of Weetbix

    Thanks Whitney! Weetbix is a spoiled kid, haha.
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    Two short videos of Weetbix

    Took a couple videos of Weetbix today, please click on the image to watch. :) Weetbix is one busy dragon enjoying his playtime: Having lunch, he won't eat the overturned roach, how picky!
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    Ryuu's big adventure

    Cute! I recently also let my beardie out of his tank, so fun watching them walk around (and then try to run off, lol).
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    new yellow girl

    She is very pretty!
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    Bearded Dragons v.s. Water?

    I asked my vet about this, she is an exotic vet. She told me she had heard people talked about how desert animal don't need much water, but that was complete misinformation. With bearded dragons, she said even bathing 1-2 times per week is not enough to keep them well hydrated; unless the dragon...
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    My little beardie family :-)

    Nice beardies!
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    A trip to the vet: parasite, baths, and food

    So I took Weetbix for check up after his fecal exam turned up positive. Our vet checked him physically, he is well hydrated and fine in all sort of ways. However, his feces had coccidia, flagellates, and maybe ascarids (vet showed me the microscopic view of these). But since Weetbix is showing...