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    Giant Madagascar Day Gecko Advice

    Mine enjoy sleeping on their Sansevieria trifasciata (snake plant).
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    15% disc - gargoyle, chahoua & argicolae

    SALE: 15% discount Gargoyle $300-$475 babes & juvies with red striped /red base, red & orange striped / red base lineage PI & GT Chahoua $450-1000 babes, juvies, sub-adults & adults...high end red Troeger & Tremper lines E.argicolae: $175-200 unsexed babes & adult males...
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    Crested/Tokay Hybrid

    Knowing how aggressive some tokays can be, I’d be shocked if the crestie didn’t end up dead. I personally would not risk stressing the gecko/s, or possible death of a gecko.
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    M.chahoua eggs

    Caught Klaudia trying to be sneaky about laying her eggs at the front of her enclosure:
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    Progression photo

    Szar’s progression from hatchling to pre-subadult
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    Mex-mex kingsnake

    Vinnie just chilling in his tree waiting for his ratta.
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    2019 breeders

    Their first clutch should hatch within next 1.5-2 weeks.
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    Hatchling’s teeth

    Check out the hatching’s teeth mid-way through the video.
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    2019 breeders

    We have 17 breeding pairs this year, here are a few of them:
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    Hatchling invasion

    We are into our 2nd wave of hatchlings; here are only a couple of them:
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    E. argicolae Hatchlings

    New argicolae babes feeling the power of gargoyle beneath them.
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    First time I get a picture of this...

    Congrats! It's fun watching them hatch out.
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    2012 sibling photos

    Sasha/Ivan babes Kira/Vaako babes Vesper/Vaako babes