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    Update: we caught him ❤️Gecko missing three weeks has been found but can’t reach him

    I'm glad you got him back. For others that might face this problem: I accidentally left my Leo out one night and we narrowed our search to the kitchen and living room where I had last handled her. We believed her to be hiding under the stove or refrigerator. Both appliances can be rolled or...
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    Why is my leo wall surfing?

    My Leo (2 years) tries to climb the corners when she's looking for attention. As soon as I put my hand in the cage, she moves, slowly so as not to let me think that its her idea, and then moves into my hand as if to say, "What the hey?" I usually keep her on my shoulder until she gets bored...
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    Brand new leopard Gecko owner!

    When I first got my female Leo, two years ago, I placed the meal worms on the mat and used a bamboo shish-kabob stick to point out the worms. She quickly caught on and to this day, two years later I will us the stick to point out the escapees. I can also use my finger to point them out. I...
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    Elderly leo eating less/losing weight?

    Take him to the vet. If there’s nothing that can be done for him, you will at least have the peace of mind knowing that it wasn’t your fault as opposed to second guessing that there might have been something more that you could’ve done.