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    My handsome Svet.

    Beautiful gecko! It has amazing color!
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    .com website for free?

    You can get a web address for free from many places and even a basic layout for free. If you do want to put a little money into it you can get some domains as cheap as $60 for at least two years. I know it seems like a big investment but it is worth it if people check it out. I do suggest...
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    I use fish tank gravel its to big for the gecko to eat and I have never had a problem with it!
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    Gargoyle or Crestie?

    Thank you a lot! Both of you guys have been very helpful!
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    Gargoyle or Crestie?

    Hey Everyone! I'm considering getting a gargoyle or a crestie but I have questions. I was wondering about the usual price ranges for both of them. i was also wondering if I could feed them baby food instead CGD? Thank you for your help!
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    Question about my new gecko

    Thanks! i think i can live with it being a tangerine, lol
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    Question about my new gecko

    My profile picture is the gecko, its a month old, i don't remember if i said that before, thanks again for checking this out
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    Question about my new gecko

    I'll try to get a picture of him as soon as i can... he's still a little camera shy
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    Question about my new gecko

    Hi everyone! I just bought a new leopard gecko ( my first!) and the breeder said that it was a lavender banded leopard gecko and was a new morph... i was wondering if anyone has heard of this morph or was the breeder trying to make a normal morph sound special. I would post a picture but the...