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    What morph do you HATE?

    Enigmas throw interesting patterns but im not interested in them anymore. Still don't like blizzards too much but Patternless has started to grow on me a bit. :)
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    Herpers Are Pretty Awesome

    The Men of GeckoForums calendar. Has much potential me thinks haha :p
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    I am getting really tired......

    I just started a foster care program in May at the SPCA and basically me along with the other 1,000+ foster parents make it possible for the shelter to take in more animals and not be such a high kill shelter. The SPCA doesn't pay for the animals coming in to be rescued so they are not rewarding...
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    Fun Night

    So cool! Is he as nice as he seems on TV?
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    I know all the lyrics to this song! I thought I was so cool....:main_laugh:
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    Okay :( *Begrudgingly hands over badge and gun* :main_laugh:
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    full moon posts

    Gotta label the y-axis on your graph...just sayin' :D
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    by* Sorry I had to. :main_robin: And with that contribution I bid you all adieu. :D
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    It really upsets me when people talk about hurting hamsters..

    This should cheer you up! :main_thumbsup:
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    What morph do you HATE?

    This x10. I wish that some variation of "I love all geckos/ I don't hate any morph" had been an option in this thread. :main_rolleyes: Anyways, I still don't like Diablo Blancos and Blizzards. :main_laugh:
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    Led Zeppelin- That's The Way --- So chill :main_cool3:
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    Notorious - Duran Duran :)
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    My pet hamster is dying, cries

    Grumpy is living the good life from the sounds of it :) I'm glad he's doing better!
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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread

    Rolling Stones- She's So Cold I think it's hilarious how the drummer Charlie looks less than thrilled in all the videos haha