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    Purchased chameleon @ show, DIED on way home?

    This thread is brought to you by :
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    I really need help.

    I would advise against telling your guidance counsler. They aren't very much help, and will just call DYFS and cause more harm than good. Telling parents and seeking some sort of medical attention/Therapy is the best route.
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    Secret Santa gift never came...

    And how kinky the person is :main_laugh:
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    Purchased chameleon @ show, DIED on way home?

    I'm curious.... Did the continer have air holes?
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    Faulty Buyers..

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    Faulty Buyers..

    Yea that annoys the pizz out of me. I had to deal with that for a short time when I was buying and selling oldschool vw parts / misc rare car stuff. The way I solved this was by not accepting any deposits and not holding anything for anyone. It isn't sold until I have cash in hand and your...
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    I think I inspired a monster...

    Are they still in a 20?
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    Stop Forum Trolling Trolls!

    Shocking statments huh? I do that sometimes, but more for laughs, and to not make these forums so serious all the time. Hopefully I'm not one of these trolls everyone speaks of. I rather be a gnome and travel the world :p
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    classroom African Clawed Frog

    Awesome! I'm glad another set of kids are being taught proper pet care. Sadly, improper pet care in a classroom isn't an uncommon thing.
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    bamboo shrimp

    I like ghost shrimp myself. At 33 cents a piece, they make good tank floor cleaners and/or lunch.
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    One of my Other Hobbies...

    People underestimate the beauty of live plants in an aquarium. Let me know if you want some guppies. I'm over flowing here. These are some horny little buggers. Ahahah
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    One of my Other Hobbies...

    Yea. When I was upgrading my turtle tank not too long ago I wanted a 55, but they are so thin it seemed pointless. I ended up with a 40 gallon breeder that was on sale for 40 bucks. I eyeballed both of them side by side and the bigger footprint makes up for the loss of some gallons. I too...
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    Interesting Find...

    Would you be willing to trade one of your children eating leo's for a slow person in front of you at the store eating leo?
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    Filtered Water or Tap Water

    I get fresh water shipped directly from pakistan every week.