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    Im back!

    Fine, My second oldest leo stopped eating all of sudden last month but i tried switching up her diet and she ate instantly.My pets store where I live has made some fantastic improvements! They upgraded the reptile section a lot and added two 35gl (or more) tanks in the wall for the larger...
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    Im back!

    Thanks man, and sorry to hear about theseus,sugar,pepper,athena and venus :( its very depressing when you lose a family member :(
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    Lemon and lime!

    Lemon And Lime
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    Im back!

    Hey whats up gecko talkers?I have been away for a very long time and I would like to say that all of my geckos are fine and are growing faster than weeds!I find myself holding my small hypo more often and remembering how small it had been when i got him!And my oldest and first leopard gecko had...
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    Can i breed a high yellow with a blizzard?

    Hey guys it's been a while, my gecko's are doing fine and are growing really fast.Dawson and me are planning on breeding our leopard gecko's summer of 2013 when they are mature enough to breed.We are planning on breeding my High-yellow with Dawson's Banana blazing blizzard, but we are a little...
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    Slideshow of my first leopard gecko

    Check out this link to view it,
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    New reptile website

    Here's the new site, visit our facebook page and youtube channel (ad on the homepage)and become a member of the site, we really appreciate it!The site is updated every week so there shouldn't be any outdated information, and we are working on getting a small ad that shows you sales on reptiles...
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    Reptile site!

    Here's the new and improved website, If you like the website please make an account and join the forum the website is updated every week so there's not alot of outdated information as for the video's there will be atleast 1 or more video's uploaded every 2 weeks.You can also visit our facebook...
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    Hey, i haven't been on gecko talk since what felt like almost a year.My gecko's are doing very good and i don't know if i said this already but i did get a new leopard gecko its a she and her name is lime its a sunglow morph and has a carrot tail,my first gecko with a carrot tail, i now have 3...
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    New addition to the fam!

    Heres my new leopard gecko its about 3 weeks old and i got it from my pets store in cape breton.I said a few things on some thread i can't remember the name of, and i mentioned how bad my pets store was.small tanks with 15 leo inside one house and stuff.Well they really updated it and put in...
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    Heey gecko talk check out our site please let us know if we got wrong information.We will imidiatly remove it and start another research day.I think we got the tank sizes wrong but please let us know we are just beginning this site hope yous enjoy it.
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    Pebbles is my netherland dwarf rabbit i got her when she was only a little baby.My grand-mother was getting me a birthday present so she told me to pick something, so i picked up a little bunny and it curled up in my leather jacket and i just couldnt put it down. So she bought it for me and i...
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    Welcome to gecko talk
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    Dawson's gecko is in serious need of help her tail has became very skinny and she is not eating dawson has tried to do everything and right now he's stressing out over the fact that his gecko's tail is so skinny and is in no health condition.As we speak dawson is online searching online stores...