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    eating problems

    Welcome to the forum! How's his temps? Nice n toasty?
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    Blizzard The Lizard (Bliz The Liz)

    Welcome to the community!
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    Dubia Setup

    they'll love kale!
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    Mouth Rot? Or Scar Tissue?

    I dont see anything indicating mouth rot. Are you able to see inside his mouth? That'd be the way to be certain.
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    Does this look like a healthy weight?

    Oh yeah look at that chunky tail!
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    Crested gecko swelling or cresticles

    Agreed with Aliza. That first pic, the skin looks a little too taught to be normal. Seems inflamed.
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    Leopard Gecko eye change

    Looks like there might be something lodged in there?
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    Leopard geckos for sale cheap

    Ha! Welcome to the forum. Interesting way to establish a reputation as a seller here but I respect it. How do we know you won't burn us?
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    Os this uth big enough?

    For a single gecko 8" by 12" is plenty. Get this one
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    Advice on leopard gecko shedding

    He looks ok there. How is he doing now a day later?
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    URGENT: Gecko Starving Itself - Please Help!

    Welcome to the forum. Might be time to start weighing her and keeping track of her mass so you can see how her bodyweight fluctuates. What are the temps on the cold side?
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    Odd Behavior.. Am I just over reacting?

    He's cute! Chonky boy
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    Male or Female?

    It's a little blurry. Try taking the same photo but see if he'll let you gently lift his tail a little bit
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    Odd Behavior.. Am I just over reacting?

    Licking the powder is normal. Not eating for 3 days isn't too much reason for concern. If you'd like you can track his weight with a food scale. Everything you're describing sounds relatively normal. You can give him a shallow bath if you think he's dehydrated.
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    Leopard Gekko not eaten for months

    Hello and welcome! Might be time to start tracking her weight. Hard to believe she's staying that chunky and not eating ANYTHING