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    Show off your artwork!!

    Everyone deserves credit when it is deserved. You have talent and should continue to produce the artwork you want. I know what you mean about wanting to explore different styles of artwork. I have had that feeling too but just feel that there is more to realism then what people think. I...
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    Show off your artwork!!

    Looks good Cody. I am a realist so anything in the other directions is something I find more challenging. What is the dimensions of the work? Looks to be about 18" - 24" square. Have you done a test print of it yet? It seems that it could be possibly more balance on the top of the then the...
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    Eclipse and Bells

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    Eclipse and Bells

    Three 2012 hatchlings available with more to come. Visit the website for bigger pictures. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or for a shipping quote. THANKS FOR LOOKIN! :main_thumbsup: ID: N1-0602-12 Morph: Tangerine Bell Sex: Looks Male Weight: 14 grams DOB...
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    Show off your artwork!!

    Thanks Emily! What you said really makes me feel good. At your age, I don't even know if I knew what charcoal was. I had worked constantly in pencil and color pencil. My skills weren't that great but were good for my age. What I am trying to say is that it generally takes years of practice to...
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    Flowers of my backyard

    Great shots! Every time I see close up shots of flowers, it reminds me of Frida Kahlo the Mexican painter.
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    Help Need Information(Rampant Reptiles)

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Michelle at all from everything I have heard. She has some nice animals. As far as shipping, there are several factors that come into play with same day shipping such as day temps, time available, and etc. They would be the only one who would say if they can or not.
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    All is well

    Gotta love life! It always gives you a curve ball. Glad to hear things are going good for you.
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    Show off your artwork!!

    Looks like we have several good artists here on GF I guess I will throw some of my work up. I am mainly a charcoal person so most of my decent work is done in that medium. I have experience is just about everything since I am a art ed graduate and art teacher. The first 2 are my most recent...
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    Finally, first one of the year!

    First 2012 up for sale! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want a shipping quote. Thanks for looking! :thumbsup: ID: N1-0101-12 Morph: Eclipse 100% het Tremper Sex: Female Weight: 15 grams DOB: 5/31/12 Price: $70 OBRO Comments: Snake Eyes 60/40 - Nice bold markings!
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    Let's relax and have some fun!

    Just thought there is too much tension lately and thought a fun thread would help change things. I am posting a few pics that I thought was funny. Maybe others will continue it, maybe not. Let's see if we all actually have a bit of humor inside of us.
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    Only thing I will say is that many see it as intolerant and bigotry to not accept same sex marriages but it isn't intolerant to for those to push their values on others. I don't care whether someone is gay, bisexual, lesbian, or etc but I do care that you cannot have an opinion with out someone...
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    Time for a serious discussion on breeding

    I don't see how I can try to talk someone from breeding when I do. The only time I do is when they need to research and gain more experience with leopard geckos or what ever. There are over 4 millions people born every day just in the US and a bit more than half of that die each year. There is...
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    My Two Lovely R. auriculatus Gals

    Nice looking geckos Kelli! I am sure you won't have a problem finding a nice male. I have been looking into getting another species beside leopard geckos but can't decide.
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    tiedxupxinxknots---Carlos Valadez

    I also like to find out exactly where the shipment originated from? Any evidence like a shipping label or screen shot from the carrier would suffice if that info is on there. What carrier was used? I also see that Carlos posted some pictures of his geckos to FB on the 11th, 17th, and 18th...