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    My most popular sale is back! During the month of December, buy any two leopard geckos, and receive a third of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Shipping is $40, no matter how many geckos you purchase. See all available animals on my website, Shipping windows are small...
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    Diablo Blanco - Female

    During the month of December, buy any two or more geckos and receive a 30% discount on your entire order! This includes this beauty, posted this morning: 15-TD04F DIABLO BLANCO, TWO SOLID RED EYES! – FEMALE Awesome gecko from a Godzilla daughter. Both parents Super Giants. Check out...
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    15-RV01M G/SG REVERSE STRIPE ECLIPSE 100% HET RAPTOR – MALE $125.00 Very low expression Eclipse, but a really cool gecko nonetheless. This guy is a voracious eater. Sex: : Male Father: : R - Super Giant RAPTOR Mother: : V - Super Giant Eclipse het RAPTOR 100% Het: : RAPTOR Hatch Date: ...
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    RAPTORS and Diablo Blancos

    I've posted several RAPTORS and Diablo Blancos this week, including this beauty! 14-TTE0603F SUPER GIANT DIABLO BLANCO - SOLID RED EYES Sex:: Female Father:: T - Super Giant RAPTOR het Blizzard Mother:: TE06 - Super Giant Diablo Blanco Hatch Date:: 08/22/14 Weight (g):: 39 She is just...
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    Bold Stripe Male

    13-QJJ03M BOLD STRIPE, POSSIBLE GIANT 66% POSSIBLE HET TREMPER ALBINO – MALE $65.00 Bold stripe from 2013… a bit wild, but a healthy gecko, and with a little work could be a good addition. Sex:: Male Father:: Q (2013) - Giant Bold Jungle Hatch Date:: 7/25/13 Mother:: JJ (2013) - Giant...
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    Super Giant RAPTOR het Diablo, and more...

    I have barely even begun to post 2014 geckos, so there are lots of great animals available now and going forward, including these two posted this morning. 14-LNN09F Giant Emerine, possible Super Giant, 66% possible het RAPTOR – Female $100.00 14-TE02F Super Giant RAPTOR 100% het Diablo...
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    Super Giant Tangerine - Female

    Super Giant Tangerine 50% possible het Tremper Albino. Big girl from Super Giant parents, get her now while she's bargain priced! Weight: 43 g Hatch Date: 05/04/14 Look for on Facebook, or check her out on the website: 14-SW03F Super Giant Tangerine - Female
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    Nice Tangerine - Female

    Nice 2013 tangerine female, the product of crossing a SHTCT giant to a Geckoboa Pacific Green cross female. Missing a couple of toes on the front left foot, and the price reflects the imperfection. She has NOT been bred. Details Weight 35 g Sex Female Father P – Giant Tangerine...
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    Three Nice Females Added Today - Buy Two Get One!

    Super Giant patternless stripe 100% het RAPTOR. Super Giant RAPTOR 100% het Diablo Blanco. Super Giant RAPTOR 100% het Diablo Blanco. Both of these Diablo hets are from the Godzilla line, and throughout the month of October, take advantage of my buy two get one free special. Discount...
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    Mack Snow RADAR - Female

    This girl is a holdback that I chose not to breed this season. She'll be great for your RADAR projects next year, though! Details Weight 43 g Hatch Date: 8/8/13 Father: Y – Giant Bold Mack Snow 100% het Bell Albino and Eclipse Mother: Z – RADAR She is $200 plus $45 shipping...
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    Super Giant Male Tangerine

    This guy is just getting nicer... bigger and more impressive by the day. He is only $200 plus $45 flat rate shipping, and there are plenty more nice animals available on my website, Please email [email protected] with questions. Thanks!
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    Super Giant Males

    The first two hatchlings of 2014 are ready to go... 14-KT01M Super Giant Carrot-head, Carrot-tail Tremper Albino – Male $200.00 14-SWW01M Super Giant Tangerine, 50% possible het Tremper Albino- Male $200.00 Both are readily available to purchase through my secure online store...
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    Male - Giant Tremper Albino, possible Super Giant

    Carrot-head, carrot-tail giant Tremper Albino Jungle, possible super giant! This guy and his brother are absolutely beautiful, and would make great keystone males for your albino project. This one is 13-KXF504M, and is priced at $200, as are several other smoking nice males I just posted...
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    Mack Snow Blazing Blizzard het Diablo Blanco - Female

    Two solid eyes, but proven HET eclipse. Purchased from in 2012, she's a great breeder and a beautiful white gecko. Click HERE for more information. Many more great geckos are still available for the 2014 season, and during the month of March, I'm offering a buy two get one...
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    Valentine's Week Special!

    Through Saturday, purchase any male, and receive up to three females at half price! Simply add them to your cart, and my system will calculate your discount and shipping. It's that easy! Please email [email protected] with questions. Thanks!