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    New gidgee pics (part two) egernia stokesii

    Second set of pics.
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    New gidgee pics (part one) egernia stokesii

    I took a lot, so I'll put them in two different posts to break it up. They are all doing so well and are really starting to grow now.
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    Fun pics of Sin eating mango

    He always makes a mess with food and has stains from his greens he ate earlier in the day. I can't resist tortoise eating photo ops.
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    Gidgee update

    The lighting is always off when I take pics in their tank, but it was hard to ignore these cute faces eating. I love when they are all out at the same time. This was veggie day. I feed a mixture of three greens at a time. Usually collards, turnip, mustards, endive, or escarole. They also...
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    My Lizards

    Very cool lizards!
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    Abronia love

    I love those pictures!
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    My other new NARBC pickup.

    I was wondering where you were. I looked for you the first day there.
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    Females! Radar, mack eclipse, eclipse, tang.

    I still have a handful of geckos available. Shipping is additional and will be done when low temps are 38 or higher. Please see my full tos on facebook or my website (facebook one is more updated). Alessa $125 Female Mack Eclipse het Tremper produced by Geckos Etc Proven breeder eating...
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    My other new NARBC pickup.

    I would love to own a black head python one day, too. Love them. This little woma is great so far. Eats well and is easy to handle.
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    This is an interesting point. I always use the term ready to breed meaning they are at breeding size. Not to mean that they are ovulating and ready to go with a male. I might have to rephrase it. I always assumed everyone knew what it meant, but maybe not. I guess I'll have to specify on my...
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    JMG Reptiles and other breeders?

    I went ahead and moved this to the business section to be safe. If you are commenting, please make sure your full name is included.
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    JMG Reptiles and other breeders?

    As far as JMG, I always message Jeff when I'm looking for something and he always gets back to me.
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    JMG Reptiles and other breeders?

    JMG is still very much in business, but like many of us, they don't update their websites. For me, I had to pay a lot to update mine and chose to leave it up as is for people to find me with a link to my facebook which I can update as much as I want for free. Prices will always vary per...
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    How to ship a leopard gecko?

    I moved this to the shipping subforum. Robyn gave you great info and you can find more in this section.
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    My other new NARBC pickup.

    I don't breed them, but I do love them. Years ago they were one of my biggest fears. So happy I got over it.