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    Cheap Female Rough Scaled Sand Boa

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    3 Yr Old Female SHTCT - BEST OFFER

    I'm selling my 3 year old, female SHTCT leo. She has never been bred before but I beileve she would make some pretty babies if bred. She has really cute little black speckles on her white feet :) I hate to get rid of her but we need money for some pretty important things... (I know the pictures...
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    Or Trade Sudan Plated Lizard

    Sudan Plated Lizard - for sale or trade $30 + shipping or willing to trade(email me what you have to trade). If you would like to do a local pick up, I live in Rusk, TX. If you are close I'm willing to meet half way. I would like to sell soon, I will accept payment plans if necessary. I...
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    Free Sudan Plated Lizard (just pay shipping or pick up)

    Free Sudan Plated lizard just pay standard $50 shipping. Or local pick up: I live in Rusk, TX. If you are close I'm willing to meet half way. Please email me: [email protected]
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    sand boas

    I have 2 sand boas, a kenyan & a rough scaled (which I am selling). But they are both on aspen & have uth's & they seem to be doing just fine.
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    Cheap Female Rough Scaled Sand Boa

    New price! $70 shipped!!! Super cheap! (I paid $145 for her)
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    Show Off Your Cages

    Looks nice. Reason why it looks so 'sparse,' is because you need some nice, full plants to fill in the spaces, maybe add some cool looking polished rocks or something. :)
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    Show Off Your Cages

    Here's my baby tegu's tank. 55g long
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    Cheap Sudan Plated Lizard

    I'm not sure if it's male or female, but appears to be female. I got her(?) from a local pet shop as it was closing down. She(?) eats on super worms, crickets, lettuce, grapes, cantalopes, etc., very well. I'm willing to trade for her (interested in ball pythons M or F, female black or mandarin...
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    Cheap Female Rough Scaled Sand Boa

    '10 Female Rough Scaled Sand Boa. I got her from Mark Huntley at Sand Boa Moprhs. Most of the time she refuses f/t, but Ive gotten her to take f/t a few times, no problem feeding her live. $50 + $50 shipping Or willing to trade for her (interested in ball pythons, female black or madarin...
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    New Uromastyx

    NICE!! I would love one like that, I found a nice yellow one around here but someone snatched him up before I
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    New pictures of my snakes!

    Thanks guys :)
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    New Rosy Boa Pictures

    You can check yourself & save the bill, its pretty easy, just look up some videos on how to sex snakes. And man those are some pretty Rosies, I really like the female's colors, what morph is she?
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    Moyers monsters

    I asked him the same question, I have a leo from him. He told me he was doing more at shows & let the site go. Hes also busy with life in general, so yeah. If you want to know more look up his profile on here and ask him or look him up on Facebook. If you want to know what he has available...
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    my asian vine

    VERY cool, I have also loved looking at these snakes, I love their bright green & the shape of their heads. I would like to have one but dealing with that much humidity annoys me, lol.