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    6 qt Rope Heated Rack - $125

    This rack is fantastic for raising all types of reptiles on a large scale. This rack is a 6 qt. size and is pre-run with heatcable. The rack is in great used shape, and is ready to pick up when you are! Feel free to contact me with any offers or questions. Delivery available in NEPA. Pictures...
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    Alife Analong Thermostat

    Another extra thermostat I have laying around. Great little thing, works without a hitch. Asking $35. Shipping is $5. Feel free to make me an offer!
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    ESU Reptile Analog Thermostat

    Great thermostat, used it for a while without a hitch. I own a few of these, they work awesome. Asking $30. Shipping is $5. Feel free to make an offer. *Not my picture! Package not included*
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    Flexwatt Heat Tape

    I have about 30' of 4" used heat tape. Works awesome, and is free of any creases! Asking $1.75 per foot. Send me your zip for a shipping quote. Feel free to make offers.
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    FOR SALE: 3 Reptile Racks

    I have three reptile racks I am looking to sell, I am located in northeastern, PA about 30 minutes north of scranton. All racks will include all the bins I have for them, details with pictures. $100 OBO 24 - 6 qt. Hatchling rack, fully rope heated, good condition just a little dusty...
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    Opinions on my website

    I just noticed that one the Breeders page, you are missing the JavaScript coding in the heading. So all the photos open in a new window. Otherwise, Its a really clean layout.
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    My leopard gecko forum

    Wow, are you the same person who was spamming me through PM? You post enough of these.
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    Malaysian Forest Dragon

    Look at them teeth!
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    BAD Car day!

    Wow, that really sucks. Take a look at this video and tell me if it reminds you of anyone:
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    An end in sight......

    Sorry guys, I have no affiliation with them.... was the first site I found with news...
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    An end in sight......

    I think the link explains it all...
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    Logo Help

    The edges look really pixelated. I wouldn't use that font because it doesn't look natural. I really like the logo though.
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    Congrats Steve and Stina!!!

    For those of you who didn't know, Steve and Stina got married today!! Just wanted to say congrats Steve and Stina! Heres to many happy years!!
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    If she is digging over the UTH, that means that it is not warm enough on top odf the substrate. Make sure the surface temperature is 90*f.
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    My New Site

    I finally got around to doing a few sites of mine. The first if my graphic design portfolio: And the second is my Crick-It page: Crick-It