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    New Beardie

    She is little! It's possible her growth was stunted due to poor care when young and the MBD. I have a 4 year old male that is on the small side for that reason. He just came to me a month ago, not even. He is 19 inches and I have him up to 340 grams now. He was about 260 grams when he came...
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    My new baby! :) Love her so much already!!

    She is beautiful! I like her name too.
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    Oscar, the beardie I rescued 2.5 weeks ago

    Thanks. I never wanted a beardie, but he is a cool little guy. My two leopard gecko's names are Bert and Ernie, so I had to name this guy
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    Oscar, the beardie I rescued 2.5 weeks ago

    Oscar came to me 2.5 weeks ago from his original owner. I did not particularly want a beardie, but he needed a home. Look at the difference. This picture is two days after he arrived here: This picture is today, 13 days later:
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    New to Corns

    Corn snakes are super easy. And a great choice. If you've done your research and you already have some reptile experience you'll be fine. Good for you for getting a snake. At 19 you're too young to let any woman tell you what to do! Do you know what morph you want?
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    Corn layed.........

    That's great! I want that one in the upper right corner!
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    Eating me out of house and home.

    They are adorable! I have wanted a baby for so long, but have yet to get one.
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    Corn layed.........

    Awesome! Can't wait to see little babies!
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    My pup

    He's a beautiful boy! I love the herding breeds.
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    My boys :)

    yes, my shih tzu comes in like that too. and in the winter he has snowballs stuck in all his hair.
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    My boys :)

    Yeah, my purebred shih tzu has short legs as it is. Combine that with dachsund and I can imagine his legs are really, really tiny!
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    My boys :)

    Nice dogs!! Is that a shih tzu mix? He has a long nose, that's why I ask.
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    Average cost?

    Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures of him!
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    Granite Spotted Python.

    Beautiful! I've always wanted a spotted python.
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    I really need help training this crazy puppy! Please help me!?

    Supervise and confine seem to imply that I was not condoning the behavior. I don't see where that says it's normal to pee in the house. I do see where it says they require management and supervision. And cannot be considered reliable (trustworthy) under a year of age. I also do not see where...