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    R.i.P Marley Ripple :*(

    today i came home to find miny African Fat Tail gecko that I had sorta recused through this forum 2years ago. When I got him he was approx 7 or so years old and was very thin. He had gained a lot of weight but was still skinny. In the past few weeks his appetite had been dwindling but never...
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    Where is the crab section!? lol..

    Yesterday I sorta wandered into a Petco and purchased two little Hermit Crabs! I had thought about getting a few since I had an extra tank available but isn't set up. Normally I won't get an animal without a home to come to but Petco was about to close and there was this little thing in a cone...
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    Help me identify a frog :/

    i thought of that too because it has the orange belly but this one isn't very green seems more brown. I'll try to get a better picture but the water is merky and they have this island that is suppose to keep the water warm and I'm not touching it, lol..
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    Help me identify a frog :/

    My neighbors teenage daughter was given a frog/toad thing for valentines day because she has an obsession with frogs but has never owned one.. we just have no idea what it is.. On top of looks like a leopard to me and underneath he's a bright orange with black spots, it's small and is being...
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    Life is so depressing right now..

    Pets make me happy! :) Honestly every pet I have was obtained during a certain time in my life that I wasn't feeling my best and they seemed like some type of therapy I still have them and they keep my mood up but I have an extra terrium I thought I wouldn't let go to waste, lol. I do have my...
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    Life is so depressing right now..

    that's what makes a crab that pincher!! lol.. i remember i had a little teeny tiny one that i thought was absolutely adorable! then my mom wanted to "surprise" me and bought me this HUGE hermit crab that was like the size of my hand. I was terrifide but then i got used to him and feel in love...
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    Life is so depressing right now..

    thanks.. by the look of it all my animals will outlive me or grow up with any future children I have, lol.. I'm doing my research now because i knew nothing before so I'm reading and it's giving me a headache! I didn't know there were so many facts and i just found out...
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    Life is so depressing right now..

    whats the best substrate? Sorry so many questions but there are many options.
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    Life is so depressing right now..

    i had hermits before but i was young n didn't know what i was doing, lol.. they some how survived over 2 years in my care. now that i'm older and have the handy dandy internet I'm better off. With hermits do i necessarily need a heater bc they're temps seem pretty low and if i do what kind...
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    Who has a digital reader thinger!?

    Hello, i've been slacking on my reading lately and it's partly because I'm too freaking lazy to go to barnes and noble myself or don't feel like paying a $5 shipping fee on a book I just spent .89cent on:main_angry: Anyway i've been looking at these digital readers; kindle, nook, sony...
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    Life is so depressing right now.. i thought i'd get some new pets :D I had in mind of getting something that was low maintaince, nice to look at and fun but didn't need my full blown attention like a cat or dog, etc. P.S. plus i wanted it to be cheap! A few weeks ago my mom found a small tank. I originally planned to...
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    Ideas for a new tank?

    Someone just gave me a small tank, I haven't measured it but it is visibly smaller than a 10gallon tank but I imagine it to me more than a 5 gallon tank. Once I stop being lazy I'll measure it and check it out. Anyway I saw it and thought Yay I have somewhere to put a Betta Fish, which I've...
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    Please tell me it's a cruel joke...

    is Jarrett really gone!? I got an email from stack inviting me to a Jarret Lamb Memorial Group and I can't believe it, I refuse to believe it. I got the email to my phone early this morning and scrolled down thinking it was just another PM until I saw the subject of the message. I was...
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    Really?? Really?? More stupididity and bad publicity in this hobby?

    Wait! He was showing the snake to a friend, ok! But then in the other article it says his girlfriend was in the apartment as well? Must of been the Hulk of ALL snakes by the look of it, ugh
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    First Gecko Ever!! :)

    She's such a cutie.. looks just like my AFT girl Aurora Kelly but she's a little shier but doesn't mind being head and talked to like a baby.