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    Unexpected Arrival

    Honestly. I love hearing stories like this.
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    My little Honey

    Very cute. Looks like the girl I bought my wife.
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    Grumpy Cat's Scaly Counterpart :D

    She is gorgeous!!
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    Meet Velcro, my first and definitely not last Crestie! :)

    Oh hah! I had to zoom in and look around for him peeking through. Nice setup.
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    Chuckwalla close ups

    I see them both.
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    The Miracle of Life

    That's cool. Surprise egg.
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    My new baby (Blue Tongue Skink)

    Me too. But the wife held a bearded at the reptile show. She fell in love.
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    My new baby (Blue Tongue Skink)

    I think BTS are awesome. Maybe one day I'll get one. Wife wants a bearded dragon next.
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    Minion (BTS) exploring outside.

    I think that's great. Bringing him out. Bet he liked it for sure.
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    Goodbye Aeris my girl

    So sorry to hear. She must have felt comfortable in her final rest.
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    my first ball python Clutch

    Very awesome.
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    my ballpythons

    Balls are the best. Yours look great. Definitely my favorite snake.
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    Tremper albino giant female

    Found one. Thanks all.