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  • i dont need them just yet as i havent decided on how i would do it. leaving it completely open on the front (just screen) would really lower the interior temp. my house is kind of cool all year long. also i have evil and intelligent furries, who would love to get into the tank again. still trying to figure out if i can make the tanks front opening.
    hi i just read a thread that you had commented in "visionariums, aquariums, or tupperware ?". u stated that u had made a stackable tank system. do u have any pictures and or instructions on it? i saw a basic idea of what you had built, but im looking for more information, and there were no pics available. u can send pics and instructions to my email if its easier for u. [email protected] thank you so much! also if you have any ideas on a lighting system as i would like my leos on display, im all ears!
    Good to see you man. Things have been buzzing here. Trying to keep up with life and work. I owe Summer some pictures just never get around to taking them. Let her know that all are doing great, and I will get her some pictures as soon as I get some free time.
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