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    Heating pad incubator setup

    I would recommend waiting until over a year to breed females.
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    Male or female crestie?

    Very difficult to tell from the picture lol, but I agree with @acpart . Looks like a female, males are pretty pounced. A better picture of his rear end and a side picture would help.
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    Gecko Incubators

    I use this incubator And removed the egg turner: This egg cup(got my own thermometer): This incubation substrate for inside the egg cup...
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    Need Leopard Gecko Breeding Advice

    My females will not lay right away unless their box is over the heatmat. Make sure she can easily get in her box as well.
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    Leopard gecko breeding

    DIY incubators are a supper big hit or miss. I would recommend buying a gecko egg holder, pangea egg substrate, and a reptile incubator. You could do a chicken one but they normally won't get low enough to incubate leopard gecko eggs, do you will have to mess around with cracking the lid to get...
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    Loose substrate? No loose substrate? Bioactive?

    Embarrassed lol, but just using an LED. The tank also gets outdoor morning sunlight as I leave my window open in the spring through fall daytime, so it gets light from that. UVB could replicate that. Moss normally does pretty good with shade. Maybe your issue is to much or not enough water...
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    Loose substrate? No loose substrate? Bioactive?

    For loose substrate argument- It offers the gecko much needed inritchment. It's the only way to do bioactive. It's natural. Other people do it with success. I've done it with sucess. Loose substrate is the only way to have an attractive leopard gecko habitat. Against loose substrate...
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    What are Americans doing for DST and Lighting/Feeding, Etc?

    Leaving everything, It's not my geckos fault we have a stooped time change lol.
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    Show Off Your Cages

    This is Samwise Gamgee's upgrade. A 20 gallon bioactive (no loose substrate available to the gecko.) There is very compacted moss root filled clay under the moss and the dwarf coleus is in a pot inside a piece of bark with moss on top. I collected the moss and bark in the woods, a cheep...
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    How To Irritate Your Leo With This One Weird Trick

    My Leo's let me touch them anywhere I please, but you can tell they are annoyed if you touch their lower back or tail, so I don't do it. I don't really see the fun in touching your gecko in a way it doesn't like...
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    List All Your Animals Here!

    I'm 15, here is my collection:I A sorority 10 gallon with: 4 Female bettas 2 nerite snails 1 Inca snail 6 bronz corydoras catfish 8 small purple pincher hermits in their 40 gal. 2 male leopard geckos in their 2 gals. 1 male betta Wish list: 2 neutered male mini rex buns 1 ferret 1...
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    Leopard Geckos not laying eggs

    If he has no interest in her, she is not ovulating yet. I didn't even try to breed my girls until the were a year old.
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    Female Leopard Gecko for sale!

    To be entirely honest, she is super skinny and I am very worried about her. I am 14, almost 15, and do not have the funds to purchase her as I lost my summer job at the greenhouse I work at due to them closing for the winter. I just spent the rest of my money on live plants for my freshwater...
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    Gecko stressed.

    Hello, and welcome to the forum!! Cresties shouldn't be housed together, some female groups can be ok but never female/male male/male. The males will fight for territory and the female and male will breed, just like any other opposite sexed animal in the same area. Constant breeding causes...
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    Leopard Gecko Skin issues

    Agree with @acpart , if vitamin supplements and temp is good go to the vet. One of my leopard geckos gas the same issue. Shed doesn't seperate properly from the skin and doesn't shed all parts at the same time. In his case, it is cronic. Not really a cure. Some things I have found help will my...