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    I’m having trouble viewing the video. I’m currently on my phone. I’ll try again later on my laptop.
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    Welcome to the GF! Nice looking boy you have there. His vent area does look raw. Of age male Leopard geckos will drag their preanal pore area to mark their territory for breeding. The waxy substance on the preanal pores will rub off and mark the areas. The look funny while doing this...
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    Androctonus Australis

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
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    ABDragons - Site Sponsor

    ABDragons is owned and ran by run by Reno and Tony Lucarelli. ABDragons has been in business for over 5 years and is located in Chesterland, Ohio. Reno become interested in reptiles at age 11 when a lizard was loose at church and Reno tried chasing it down. ABDragons sells Dubia Roaches and...
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    My Bearded Dragon setup

    Nice Beardie pad!
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    Extinct Pinocchio Lizard found!

    While just nosing around forest, they found 'extinct' Pinocchio lizard - NBC
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    Efforts to sell leopard gecko condemned via

    Efforts to sell leopard gecko condemned -
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    Ohio Gecko auction ends 10:00pm EST. Starburst AFT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
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    Tiger comparison.

    Smokin hot Gregg
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    Ohio Gecko - Facebook Auction Promo

    I have the 5 geckos listed on our facebook page.
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    Some of our hogs

    Very nice, I see some Toffees??, Albino, Anacondas, Toffee Anaconda?? What is the genetics in the last picture, it has some funky pattern :)
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    Beardie eggs incubating!

    I get pics of the parents on Monday.
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    Ohio Gecko - Facebook Auction Promo

    I'm contemplating putting a handful of geckos up for auction through our facebook page. If the auction post can get 200 likes it would show that the auction would be worthwhile. Here is the list of what would be auctioned: 1. G63 3rd generation Tangerine ph Tremper Female 2. Blood Hypo Cross ph...
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    Beardie eggs incubating!

    I'm excited to get our 1st couple of clutches of Beardies in the incubator. We will be hatching out some really nice Reds, Red Hypos, Citrus, Citrus Hypos all in combination with Leather Back. We grew the breeders up from babies and they have been fun to work with. They are more maintenance...
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    The lavender orange contrast in the albino is crazy, very nice!