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    My hotties

    Back to subject....I believe, I live in TX also!
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    Website Design

    I was thinking about a slide show on the home page..Any thoughts?
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    Website Design

    For some odd reason it doesn't let me change that....:(
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    Website Design

    Ya I did not like the old site either. Yes I took the pictures in my bath tub lol
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    Website Design

    I redid my website and I was wondering what you guys thought. Any comments suggestions?? Thanks, :)
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    updated design

    NO one? Im going to post this in the leopard gecko area
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    Oooohh gurls, you lookin' fine!

    Amazing BPs! I love them both!! :)
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    updated design

    tell me what you think or any Thanks:)
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    I'm in love......

    WOW! Im in love also I want a ball python esp. a pied!!!! Happy B-day!
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    OMGOSH! I love range he has AMAZING carrot esp from a pet store........right? AMAZING! Love your goats!
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    First 2012 boa litter - 50 babies red pastel salmon jungle

    What are slug......They are cool!! They are sooooo tiny by mom!
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    My little beardie family :-)

    I <3 <3 Sodapop! WHere are they from?
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    My new beardie Draven

    I remember when ours was that size! (Not that size anymore!!!)
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    Newest addition

    Awesome! Wow you have your hands full! Do you sleep with her? (She is in your bed, or is that hers?)
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    Staying in one spot is something wrong???

    Yes we were going to change it but we sis not get to it I LOVE the sand box idea! He norm eat mealies. ANd yes bear dies are expensive!