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    is my leo ill?

    hello. Do you have calcium available all the time for your leo? All I can suggest is research, research and more research. I would suggest your leo does not have MBD due to it's age and the fact that you are dusting the food. Each Leo has it's own personality, but for the most part, leo's are...
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    I NEED HELP. My leopard gecko is sick.

    Hello there. I'm sorry your baby is not well. Please keep us updated on what you do and how it goes. I agree, 2 days of not eating is fine and to be expected. As per what has been advised above, keep an eye on the tail and if your baby is losing weight. A photo will really help people here...
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    Need opinions pleaaase

    Please consider a vet!!! Belly growing larger can be indicative of many conditions, eggs, parasites, tumors..... You need a vet to determine what is wrong. Tr to choose a vet that has the tech to test poop, blood etc. or at least will send samples away. Until you can get to a vet...
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    Gecko lays eggs and tail dies?

    I also highly recommend a vet. Any vet will do. You can research reptile vets, but if one is not available to you, go to any close at hand. If a vet does not know about your animal they log onto a vet program and ask other vets. That way you get virtual specialized care. All I know is that the...
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    New leo with retained eyelid shed

    Thanks for the update!!!
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    Is it too soon to pick up my gecko?

    I agree, got for it and handle her :-) Would love an update
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    Is this normal?!???!?!!

    That is all I can think of - weight loss. They store the fat reserves in the tail, and perhaps he is using that. I believe my Leo is going through brumation. As he lost his tail a while ago ( he was being cared for while we were on vacation) I am really concerned as he does not have those fat...
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    Cuts on head. Help!

    Hello. I would suggest that you feel around the enclosure for anything sharp. If there is, then that could be a problem ongoing. It is possible that the female got aggressive, (perhaps defending herself if the male got a bit rambunctious), but I would think this is not the case as you describe...
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    Picked up a weak, 20 gram leopard gecko at the petstore.

    For anyone wanting info on what may assist,...... I keep a bag of Carnivore Care in the freezer. This is a nutritionally complete, premium recovery food which improves poor nutritional status. I mix some in water to get the consistency I want and with a rubber tip on a needless syringe, and...
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    To clip or not to clip

    Hi everyone :-) My male leopard gecko Frank has long nails. He has ceramic tiles in his enclosure that are upside down so he traverses the ruff side. But for hygiene purposes he lays on paper towel when in the dry hide. I am just interested in people's experiences and tips on trimming their...
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    Picked up a weak, 20 gram leopard gecko at the petstore.

    Just wondering if you have an update on you baby
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    Shedding help

    Your first comment was correct. Old shed can cause them to lose that part of their toes/feet. This is serious. You have to have both a wet and a dry hide in the enclosure. I use moss from the pet store for my wet hide, but for now, you can use wet /moist paper towels. (not dripping wet) Take the...
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    what is best in the moist hide?

    we tried the moss and my male and female don't seem to like it. When given the choice they will always take the moist hide with paper towel over a moist moss hide any day. Elly-May even prefers to lay her eggs in the paper one much to my horror (Jethro needed a moist hide for shed while she was...