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    ExoTerra vs Zoomed UVB lighting bulbs: Which is better?

    Okay so what would you all say which brand is better in terms of UVB bulbs? ExoTerra or Zoomed? Thanks.
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    When can i breed my GOLD DUST?

    My Gold Dust is five months old now. I believe it is a female because of the calcium sacks and lack of the orange coloration around its vent. Now my question is when is a Gold Dust gecko ready to breed? When would it be most appropriate to introduce a male in the enclosure?
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    Are Gold Dusts any good in the pet industry?

    So basically I went to my local pet shop and the conversation sprung up about Gold Dust geckos. So he tells me that you do not see them much because people do not really have a high demand for them. I am starting to think that is true because there are very few videos on youtube, information...
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    Gold Dust lighting!

    I keep my Gold dust in an 18x18x24 enclosure with plants in it. Is there any way there are some UVB bulbs that put out plenty of UVB that do not kill my plants? I was planning to use the Exo-Terra's Reptile UVB-200 as it is the bulb that puts out most UVB and is not hot according to them. Any...
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    Male or female?

    So basically my Gold Dust Day Gecko shed today. I actually caught him shedding and it was really cool! Anyway now that he is brighter I would like to know if its possible to differentiate between a male and a female Gold Dust just by general appearance? So there's the picture of it. If you guys...
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    Gold Dust Gecko not as bright?

    Hello everyone! I am new here and hopefully can find some answers to what I am slightly concerned about. First off I purchased my Gold Dust from a breeder at a Reptile Expo. According to the breeder it hatched the 1st of May, 2014. I bought it the 9th of August, 2014. So just in a matter of...