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    Locking your rack systems?

    Sorry for not responding soooner. Thanks for all the suggestions, I was more curious about if anyone did it before. I saw the rod that went over the front initially, however I don't like the idea of having to take out a huge piece of metal, just to pull out one bin. I would like something that...
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    Locking your rack systems?

    Hey guys, This may be a rather stupid question, but do you know of anyway to "lock" your racks? IE: not allowing the tubs to slide out without a glass door over the front. Let me explain why I am asking.. I believe I have the evilest cats in existance. They not only know how to giggle our...
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    well what am I

    Is it a rainwater enigma? :D
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    Hatchrite or Perlite?

    I use vermiculite after having better hatch results with it. It is easier to tell when its getting dry (at least for me) plus its used for ball python eggs as well, so we already have it. If your really worried, all you need to do is use it outside. I just go out in the garage and once its wet...
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    oh, this would put any one in a good mood.....

    beautiful eyes. The first few pics shes like "Hey, come look what I did!" haha. Go Nev!
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    Speaking of Speckles...

    Great gecko Mike!
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    I will never feed supers again, ever!

    Hey Hey, lets not play the blame game. Accidents happen. You get caught up in your life, and you just know that your gecko loves his humid hide! You don't even think to check "Oh, hes just sleeping." Boah clearly is upset about his loss, let's not make the heartache worse. I only fed...
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    Got good news

    haha the music just adds to the funny-ness. Also, the french (?) comments below on youtube! Good luck!
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    Breeder recordkeeping software

    I used a notebook ;) Although a software would be great too.
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    Gecko Dreams

    The only dream I've had was that my geckos were falling off the tv. Yes, the TV. We had a huge entertainment center, and they were climbing on the tv and falling off the side. I jumped so fast out of bed, flicked on the light and started combing the floor. Ed woke up and was like "Honey....what...
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    Something that's been on my absolute nerves...

    Altho I do not support why we are still acrossed seas, I really have no ground to stand because I haven't been following it too closely. Do you ever think that the people that say "you'll get shot or will die" maybe are the people that don't know what to say? Maybe they AREN'T supporting the...
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    Great Danes taking over the house! :)

    I had a brindle female named Delilah, we plan on getting another when we own the house. I adore Dane's personalities, and love how they think they are "lap dogs" haha!
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    How many forums?

    Well I am very active on this forum, but I am a lurker on geckosunlimited because of how active their knobtail section is, and uroplatus section. I visit Rephasy's forums as a lurker sometimes, for their leachie crowd, pangea for the crested crowd. I used to lurk a phelsuma forum when I was...
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    I'm Expecting!!!

    Felicia, you have no idea how important your post to me is. It's very nice to know I was "missed" Well the verdict is in..... I get to keep whatever I want! haha. Talk about sweet talkin' hey? I couldn't get him to keep the pastels tho, which bummed me out. Love those snakes! He says...
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    There really are STUPID people in this world

    Humans -are- mammals and mammals are found in the ANIMAL KINGDOM. We are all animals in the end, so viewing an "animal" as lower than a human is silly to me.