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    X tall exo terra

    I have a extra tall exo terra lightly used got it for some leachies and got rid of them soon after. Open to trades or selling it out right pm me what you have to offer.
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    Looking for roaches!!!

    Hey all i am just a humble hobbyist looking to get a few new colonies of roaches going for my animals. not looking to spend a fortune on roaches! when i first started my first colony a fellow member was nice enough to offer me a deal i could not refuse! since then i passed on the same courtesy...
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    Sale or trade crested pairs and female leopards

    Looking to thin out some cresties and get out of the leopards entirely at least for now. these were our personal pets as well as our breeders. we enjoyed these geckos for some time and hope they can make their way to new homes. some of these we purchased purely because they were in poor...
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    phelsuma laticauda babies

    I found 2 unexpected phelsuma laticauda babies in the parent tank, I just scooped them out a few days ago and have them separated in 32oz containers. I was not expecting them nor am i prepared to to care for them my job is approaching its busy season and I will be traveling. I am looking to sell...
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    Feeder costs

    about $100 a month then again we breed our own feeders and just pick up a few things for variety. but before we started breeding meal worms and dubia it was tripple that.
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    fruit flys

    Looking for fruit flys, more so hydei but any will do for now. randomly found baby geckos in the day gecko tank and now need to feed them. i am located in hoboken nj willing to pick up or meet up. willing to purchase or trade for dubia.
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    Crested gecko babies hamburg or long island

    A few sold I have a few left! Just took pics today of what is left please pm me your email address for the pic list.
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    Crested gecko babies hamburg or long island

    Due to the hurricane effecting me by leaving us with out power since tue night. My car was wrecked in the flood in hoboken. Still with out power. i am now accepting offers on these little guys. no reasonable offers will be turn down even accepting trades if you can ship once my power is back on...
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    Dubia roaches

    Its that time again where I have too many dubia in my colonies and its time to cut back to keep space in the bins. I can do starter colonies or counts of whatever you need. I am not a business so I am open to all reasonable offers and I am willing to trade subia for other feeders or lower end...
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    Crested gecko babies hamburg or long island

    Hello all I have 5 juvi crested geckos they were given to me in trade and were so nice i had planned on raising them to adult hood. they dont have tails however they are nice looking geckos. Asking $65 each or best offer will discount for multiples. 10 baby cresteds produced by my 3 unrelated...
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    Crested Geckos Great deal!

    I have 10 baby crested geckos all in mint condition feeding well on CGD and small crickets and dubia. asking $40 each or $280 for the lot. 5 juvi's great colors and quality but all 5 missing tails. as it stands they appear to be 1.4 but i havn't checked in a while. asking $75 each or $300 for...
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    Dubia roaches and Chow

    I have for sale Dubia any size from starter colonies to just orders for feeding. I also have a Bug chow great for both roaches and crickets! all shipping is done via USPS. open to trades!
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    FS or FT Crested geckos

    Hello all, I have about 8 baby cresteds and about 5 juvies's for sale or trade. the 5 juvies I got in a trade which i picked each one their color and type. The 5 juvi's dont have tails at all but they are pretty nice geckos. I was going to save them for my self to pair up and just decided i...
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    Hamburg P.a aug 4th

    thats great ill be sure to keep a eye out for your table and say hi. I will be there as a customer looking to sell or trade off some crested gecko babies. also have tons of dubia. not bringing anything unless someone request it.
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    Hamburg P.a aug 4th

    Who is going? and what will you have? I have a handful of baby crested geckos for sale or trade.