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    Can I feed my baby gecko small silkworms? ( Hatched 7 days ago )
    Thanks in advance.
    I was hoping not to have to ship. I have never shipped one before and in all honesty it makes me a nervous wreck. I do have pictures of everyone. If I can talk to some of the other breeders and get a better understanding of how to go about shipping I may reconsider. I had thought $25.00 each. They are all very healthy and I would keep all of them if I could. Let me know who you would like a picture of. Its only 17 degrees in Indiana so I know I wouldn't be able to ship for a few weeks.
    Hey i might be intersted in a gecko or two depending on how much they and shippin would be, if you have any pics of what your thinkin of sellin let me know....

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