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    General Lizard Question

    Hi Guys, Just found this guy on Kijiji and he is selling 2 barking frogs, 1 firebelly toad, 1 crestie and a day gecko. I haven't found out if he is keeping them in the same cage yet, but he is only advertising 1 cage with the family. My question is, can you keep 2 males of different genus in...
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    Heating / Lighting crested gecko help

    I live in Canada as well, I know the issues, what I use for my guys during the summer is a 60 watt incandescent bulb, and during the months of Fall and Winter I use a 75 Watt incandescent. Myself and lizards live in the basement so it can get cold (they live in 20 Gallons) I can keep the heat...
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    Handling baby Gargoyle gecko

    I have had crested geckos for the longest time, I recently got a garg, and it is now accustom to me and handling is the same as the crestie i find. I started getting my baby garg use to me by trying to give him some food off my finger inside the cage, soon after i would hold out my hand and...
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    Diet Help

    Thanks a whole lot! One more question however, as I was leaning towards Clarks... Is it an entire meal supplement, or do I have to still feed crickets too?
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    Diet Help

    Hey guys, so I am doing my research on different diets for my Crested Gecko and Garg. Currently I have them on a home made supplemented diet composed of fruits, protein, supplements, and repashy dusted crickets. However I now want to try some of the CGD's I have my choices of 3: 1. Repashy...
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    Is Stress Contagious?

    So I have been the owner of three crested geckos, two of which got up there in their years and unfortunately had to leave me :( however I still have a happy offspring. I have had him for about 6 years I think and he has been living quite comfortably This gecko (his name is Eggbert) I didn't...
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    Safe Materials?

    Your DIY on the custom background is awesome! I went out today and got some black "Great Stuff", black GE Silicone, and compressed dirt from the pet store. Next what I need is a backboard, probably going to use cardboard as I am having a hell of a time finding polyurethane sheets in my towns...
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    Safe Materials?

    Thanks guys! I finally got my hands on a bottle of "Good Stuff" so I am going to try applying it to the Styrofoam like the link suggested, looks a lot like the same method exo terra uses as I have one of their backgrounds that came with the tank. I will upload pictures when it is done, probably...
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    Safe Materials?

    I am pretty new to this forum, and doing some reading I have seen may users making their own vivarium's. I have 1 crestie and thinking of getting a garg in a few days. What I currently keep my crested in is a 20 gallon, exo terra with background terrarium, with dirt and artificial plants...
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    Bavayia Robusta

    I am looking to expand my reptile family and am venturing into the more rare to find New Caledonia lizards. I found a breeder who is offering two Bavayia Robusta for a fair price, they are very beautiful from the pictures, all the toes are there and no scars from what I can see, they are 2 and a...
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    Heating Problems

    So I recently moved to a new place and now my cresti and I live in a basement, the last place we lived I was able to use a florescent light bulb to light the cage so he had a night and day, but I didn't need worry about heat ever as the ambient temp was sufficient. Now in the new place, the...