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    Youngters to Proven Breeders

    Please email me at [email protected] if you have questions or would like to see additional photos. I ship from zip code 31793. Shipping is free on orders over $500. Youngsters 150-200 grams: - 1 male citrus pastel enchi yellowbelly $300 - 2 male cinnamon 50% het orange ghost possible disco...
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    Entire crested gecko collection and all supplies for sale/trade

    Well, this is my second time trying to get into Cresteds, and after having this group for a couple of years I've lost interest. I think cresteds just aren't my can of beans. I have the following animals and supplies for trade for BALL PYTHONS, preferably for female morphs, but let me know...
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    Empty ten gallon long tank looking for a lizard

    I think the anole is a great option. They're very active, fun to watch, and easy to take care of.
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    Nice assortment of geckos! Will be at Columbia, SC, on Sunday!

    I have a nice selection of Enigmas, Eclipses, Albinos, and combos! I can deliver to the reptile show in Columbia, South Carolina, this Sunday, so save on shipping and let me know this week! Tangerine Tremper Albino 50% het Raptor Female 25 grams $45 Tangerine Enigma 100% het...
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    Need color?

    bump! I can't believe the tangerine enigmas haven't sold yet! Shipping temperatures are perfect, so act now!
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    Need color?

    Hello folks! I just updated my website with some more leopard geckos! If you're looking for beautiful tangerine enigmas, raptors, possible giants, and jungles, then look no more! All my geckos are between $45-60, and is a great way to get some high quality animals when you're on a low budget...
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    Pirates Cove all the way! My brother is flying down from New York to join me, and he got a kick butt deal, so we're staying at the Palm Plaza hotel just south of the convention center. I can't wait! Not sure what I'm going to get this year, but I'm sure something will catch my fancy!
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    Do Ball Pythons Smell

    You don't really need to clean them everyday, just be punctual about cleaning up the poop once a week or so, then replace the bedding once every 2 weeks to a month. As for the poop smelling, I honestly don't think it's that bad. Ball pythons don't get that big, and their poop isn't that big...
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    Crested Trio only $175 shipped!

    I have 1 adult male (36 grams) and 2 juvenile females (zero pores and 11 grams) ready to go! You can have this future breeding trio for $175 shipped. That's free shipping AND a $5 discount! If you're interested in individual animals, they're $60 each plus shipping costs. The first picture...
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    HOT Tangerine Enigmas! My best of the year!

    These two boys are SMOKING! If you guys are looking for studs for next year, then these two are it! Both have awesome tangerine colors, and these enigmas sure won't go "dirty" on you like some of the enigmas out there. They're so orange and clean they don't even look like enigmas, but super...
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    Thanks for your interest, everyone! Both geckos have gone to new homes!
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    Enigmas and Jungles!

    I have many unsexed leopard gecko hatchlings available for sale! These babies have a little bit of everything! These babies are from beautiful jungle albino, giant eclipse, and enigma parents. To see pictures of the adults, please visit my breeders page at...
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    Two Adult Males Possible Super Giants for sale!

    Bump! Feel free to make me an offer. I may even accept trades, so go ahead and bounce ideas off of me. ;-)
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    Two Adult Males Possible Super Giants for sale!

    These two brothers are late 2009 geckos. They are $75 each plus shipping! They will be ready to breed this fall! Brother 1: Giant (possible super giant) Tremper albino 50% het RAPTOR, 54 grams and still growing! Brother 2: Giant (possible super giant) Jungle normal 50% het RAPTOR, 100%...