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    Anyone else have African Pygmy Mice?

    We have around 25 in a 33 gallon long tank with wheel,several food and water dishes, six hides and countless paper towel tubes Sent from my KFTT using Tapatalk HD
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    Gargoyle vs. Chahoua Gecko

    I only have a chewie and he is the most mellow gecko I have. I open his tank and he comes straight out to climb on me and chill... Money wasn't the desciding factor for me though as he was a special needs gecko and only cost me $50.... But his injury doesn't phase him what so ever ..... I would...
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    Yellow Gargoyle Project

    Hahaha I have owned cheaper cars than Una in the past :p
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    Digimorph Rhacodactylus auriculatus

    kind of looks like the dinosaur skull in night at the museum lol
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    Yellow Gargoyle Project

    OMG Tara thats awesome :D you already know what I think about Una :D
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    Crocodile Skinks

    Gorgeous :D
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    Is this tank good enough for a crestie?

    a tank of that size would already be pretty tall should be fine :) what are the dimensions?
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    My First R. ciliatus hatchling!!

    nice :) I have the same plan when I get my first clutch ... I just introduced the pair tonight for the first time
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    whats with cresties and not stickin?

    they usually say give the crestie a sauna .... quite often they can get skin stuck on their feet during a shed or sometimes step in their CGD and it drys onto their feet both situations can result in the gecko not being able to stick onto the glass
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    Juvi Cresties showing aggression!

    I have edited my post to be more clear
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    Juvi Cresties showing aggression!

    I didnt mean this forum I should have made myself clearer I apologise I meant the advice he was given from the seller was bad ... I suggested a species specific forum for more specialized advice above what I already know ...