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    FOR SALE W&Y juvenial female

    Tang w&y female. Local pickup only $60 contact me at [email protected]
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    FOR SALE W&Y male

    Tangerine w&y possible het Tremper. Proven breeder local pickup only. $70 contact me at [email protected]
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    FOR SALE Animal plastic rack

    Holds 12 15qt Sterlite tubs or 6 32qt tubes 225 new without tubs. 12 15qt tubs included. Has belly heat tape. Color is white asking 150. Contact me at [email protected]
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    My other new NARBC pickup.

    Well glad you overcame your fear. Snakes have always been my favorite reptiles. I've tried to limit myself to keeping only one for the last few years but hard to leave each show without one. But luckily I have many friends with crazy exotics I help once in a while and get my fix.
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    Little Retic

    Fun getting this in and out of her cage
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    My other new NARBC pickup.

    Nice didn't know you were into snakes also.
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    This Year's Pick-up

    Thanks guys, he is already getting quite used to me.
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    This Year's Pick-up

    Not a gecko, but nice anyway. Mine just past away after 15 or more years so my wife got me this for our anniversary.
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    Please follow me for reptile love!!

    What kind of tortoise you working with I have a sulcata
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    New Here and have a concern

    So for the late response welcome aboard.
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    Daisy's Bedtime Monster...

    To cute, my mean old cat and my Pitbull slept tppgether for years.
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    my new oscars...

    Good luck. I miss my Oscar he would take food right from my hand. Stick to pellet food though they are real prone to hole in the head and feeding goldfish always seems to give it to them sooner or later.
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    Venustus Angel

    Thanks Katie don't see much info around either
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    Venustus Angel

    Anyone have any experience with these. Lost a few fish after sandy (no power nine days) My tank is now back to zero nitrates and was considering one of these. There a little price but I don't care as long as it will last.
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    My doggies! (Scary)

    Well sorry I am not much on spelling but I have owned apbt dogs longer then you have been alive, but I don't like where this is going I was stating my opinion and you are personally attacking me. Sorry if I didn't grow up in the best of area's and wasn't provided a great education. This is mine