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    Animal plastic rack

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    W&Y juvenial female

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    W&Y juvenial female

    Tang w&y female. Local pickup only $60 contact me at [email protected]
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    W&Y male

    Tangerine w&y possible het Tremper. Proven breeder local pickup only. $70 contact me at [email protected]
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    Animal plastic rack

    Pickup only new jersey area
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    Animal plastic rack

    Holds 12 15qt Sterlite tubs or 6 32qt tubes 225 new without tubs. 12 15qt tubs included. Has belly heat tape. Color is white asking 150. Contact me at [email protected]
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    My other new NARBC pickup.

    Well glad you overcame your fear. Snakes have always been my favorite reptiles. I've tried to limit myself to keeping only one for the last few years but hard to leave each show without one. But luckily I have many friends with crazy exotics I help once in a while and get my fix.
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    Little Retic

    Fun getting this in and out of her cage
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    My other new NARBC pickup.

    Nice didn't know you were into snakes also.
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    JMG Reptiles and other breeders?

    I know what you mean. Better to look at Facebook pages. But as for jmg those prices are current especially their blood hypos which in my opinion are the best out there.
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    Boaphile plastics?

    The have a good name but one day is nothing to worry about.
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    W & Y male

    Hatched 6/7 blood cross possible het Tremper. 140 local pickup only or bring to northern berks show
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    This Year's Pick-up

    Thanks guys, he is already getting quite used to me.
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    This Year's Pick-up

    Not a gecko, but nice anyway. Mine just past away after 15 or more years so my wife got me this for our anniversary.
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    My favorite reptile

    Thanks he was very tame, I had him from a hatchling and spent a lot of time with him. My son was hanging him since he was three. That photo was only from a few months ago. Be hard to find another like him.