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    holdbacks and pick ups

    nice cool stuff, i admit, seeing snakes makes me wish i never got out of them, nice colors! Duane
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    and...... MY RADAR :)

    hey Paul, wicked radar... Duane
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    some pictures, and a question:

    i am leaning towards yeah, based on the neck and tail... it's unusual markings, very cool... but the body neck and tail look patternless to me, i had a PRS that was kind of similar at birth but she had just four dots on her back, she became a 'patternless stripe' gecko but still always...
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    some pictures, and a question:

    looking good, that new mack and the new one with the big spots are both nice, i never hatched any with just four big dots like that, but very cute...can't wait to see how it progresses... Duane
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    I am really happy for this one :)

    congrats! sorry the others didn't work out, -D
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    This year babies from shtcb electric male and females mac snow hypo and albino

    i like that patterning on the thrd one down, the big symmetrical
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    The Last Gecko...

    i am usually not a bell fan, but that patterning looks crazy... sorry to hear about the other one, you can only do so much. look at the one that did make it... D
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    purple anyone?

    looks nice, are the eyes red, i can't tell..
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    Lots of pics

    nice... cool stuff, sorry to hear your computer, that's horrible... we are so dependent on them, and they can fail. i just picked up a 1TB Lacie firewire drive pretty cheap, you need these things these days.. be careful with your CDs and DVDs using them as backup also,only a few years...
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    Just a baby Raptors face...

    yeah cool pics, i laughed so hard i snorted when i scrolled down to the second one... -Duane
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    A few of this years hatchlings:

    nice geckos congrats, ....i can't wait to see those jungles in a few sheds, esp that one at the bottom, i like the way the color lines up adjacent to each other in the swirled areas... -Duane
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    some recent hatchlings..

    lol i like that, ahhAHHa 'THEY LOOK GIANT SO FAR' lol cool geckos, SS are always freaky lil -Duane
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    So FE, what are these :)

    yes make big babies!! lol Duane
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    Desinger dreams

    nice geckos cool stuff, I am curious, with the snowglow RERS...if you expect that the nice reverse stripe will go away? A snow glow is a hypo mack, yes? i know hypos usually lose patterning as they grow, but I never tried to make a hypo rev stripe... just curious, i figured it would...
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    Newest additions that arrived today.

    yeah nice geckos, i alwasy liked the patternless, that's a beauty in the last pic,.