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    New and First BP...Hot lil Lesser girl

    Very Nice Ryan. You sure know how to jump into things. If your anything like me, you believe there's no sense in owning a reptile unless your gonna make a project out of it. so i can't wait to see your BP collection grow. :)
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    That's what you get...

    it seemed as though he thought he was biting another gecko, and being bit by another gecko. I tried to get him to release but he just bit harder. No matter how hard his tail was being bit he wasn't going to let that other gecko win. lol
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    That's what you get...

    I was trying to get his dish out when he tried to bite me. So I used the spoon you see in the pic to try and get him out of the dish, as soon as i touched him he whipped around and snatched the spoon out of my hand and bit his own tail. All in one bite.
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    That's what you get...

    ...for being mean.
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    Moyers monsters

    look him up on facebook
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    How cute???

    those are some great pics of some great geckos.
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    Retribution Reptiles Purchases a collection?

    very nice Ryan, I can't think of better hands for that collection to be in. ;)
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    Retribution Reptiles is now on Facebook!!!

    Very nice Ryan :main_yes:
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    I'm sick of this person >:(

    Airsoft :rifle: :main_yes:
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    hmmm... (secret santa)

    Haley don't be hard on your self you did a great job. and the fact that you even picked it up on such short notice and put your time into it was awesome. if it wasn't for you taking it on it probably never would have happened. so thanks to you a lot of people did receive some great gifts. I...
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    hmmm... (secret santa)

    The Secret Easter Bunny thing was my first time doing an exchange, and was also my last. It was an unpleasant experience. But besides that it seems every time one of these are done there are quite a few people that receive gifts but never get around to sending one out. It's my opinion that the...
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    Rubiks Cube

    got a Rubiks 360 for Christmas, had it figured out in an hour and a half. :)
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    Rubiks Cube

    learned how by watching a video on how to do it at rubics website. took me about 2 days to memorize the steps, now i average about a minute and a half to solve it. Once you learn all 8 steps it's really easy to do. haven't tried the 4x4 or 5x5 yet.
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    Important news.

    way to go Steve and Deb. congrats.:main_thumbsup:
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    thanks Jess, and Kristi. never realized how a month without internet and phone could be like hell. :main_yes: