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    Im a mommy!!! a suggie baby mommy

    Those are really cute. I wish we could have them in CA.
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    My New Corn Snake

    Very nice, I like it. What naming scheme(s) do you like best?
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    New puppy !!!!

    She's really pretty.
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    Mark Roth: Suspended animation is within our grasp

    That's very interesting. Thanks for posting.
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    Obama's Package

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    Colorful Collareds Spring is here!

    I love collared lizards. Do you breed them? I have been looking for some. I had a couple very similar to the ones in your picture many years ago. PM me.
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    My New Baby Kenyan Sand Boa!!

    I've wanted an Anery KSB for some time now. This thread is a nice reminder of that. If I had more room I would go crazy shopping the BHB site.
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    Sleepy time!!!

    Good luck with them in the future, Gregg.
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    My Sunburst Orange Babboon Tarantula aka OBT

    If it's a girl you should name it after a blonde with long legs. lol I like those kind of Tarantula.
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    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day.
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    Looking for a needle in a haystack!

    I'm glad you found her Ruby. Congratulations.
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    Good one. :main_laugh:
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    Photos from special trip to SeaWorld San Diego, CA

    That must have been some experience. Nice pics. I like the Beluga pic and I find the Cuttlefish very interesting.
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    Thanks a lot National Geographic.

    This is the first I've heard of any mention of wild Burms in S.F. I'll have to see if I can catch that show and hear all of the python propaganda for myself.
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    Our ATB - The Bitey Little Poop Machine

    I'm considering getting a baby GTP. There is a local breeder not far from me. I'm not sure what locale he has at all. I've seen some really crazy looking crosses lately. Some of the ones I've seen are a really nice maroon with green spotting. Have you seen those? I wonder if they will hold that...