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    Overweight Gecko?

    The weight looks fine. You can express the pores if you feel like it but unless they are oozing green pus, it isn't anything to worry about.
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    I haven't even gotten a gecko yet

    I’d also pack the tank with more hiding places. They like to squeeze into tight dark places so tile or foam w/ concrete on it is good to add. Google or search on the forum for some great ideas on how to cut foam and wipe concrete on it to make cool rock hides that are light but sturdy.
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    I haven't even gotten a gecko yet

    You’re better with one per enclosure. Females will dominate which leaves one as a smaller, less fed, gecko. 10 gallon tanks are great. A 40 might be too hard to heat unless you have a gecko room or put a solid lid on top.
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    Late Night Leos 11th Anniversary

    Join us November 28th for the 11th anniversary of Late Night Leos. We will be taking callers all night so if you want to chat about geckos then give us a ring-a-ring-ding starting at 8pm pacific.
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    Read care sheets and have fun.
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    Normal or high yellow?

    Yeah I agree with Aliza. It’s really opinion so you could call it high yellow or normal.
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    Question about acquiring a new pet

    You can always try. But the best rule of thumb is to house everyone separately. There can be a whole bucket of issues, the most common being that an alpha is established. That makes it hard for the smaller to get any food, even if there is plenty.
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    What permit or license do i need to sell geckos and reptile supplies in ca

    If you want some advice about selling at shows here’s an interview I did with Magical Geckos. He owns a few reptile shows and gave some great advice on how it all goes down.
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    What permit or license do i need to sell geckos and reptile supplies in ca

    You’ll want to make an appointment with your accountant. I’ll just give an example of mine since I’m in California also but each city and county are different and each district can possibly have restrictions or ordinances for or against Reptile keeping, breeding and/or sales. I file as a hobby...
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    What morph?

    Murphy Patternless. Based on the genetics (unknown), they should be priced low $5-$12.50 (as pet quality and not to be bred ever) or free adoption.
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    Favorite Hatchling of 2019

    My favorite Hatchling of 2019 so far. I probably won’t hatch many more than the four I have so far. Just sold off everything except for my most valuable special projects. The gecko room went from twelve to four to one rack in the last couple years.
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    Mack tangerine het eclipse

    Male. $50. Shipping to lower 48 only.
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    Anyone know someone that wants to pick up a whole collection? 17 geckos $2k shipped or best offer.
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    Get the marble eye group for $575 shipped!